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Less syntax not applied magento/devdocs

# Topic clarification/correction request ## Topic Link ...

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Feedback on page: /system/data-attributes-product.html magento/merchdocs

The documentation for **related_skus**, **crosssell_skus**, **upsell_skus** does not mention how to set the position (sort order) for each of the comma seperated SKUs via a CSV import. Expected ...

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Configuration object topic magento/devdocs

# New topic request ## Description As a developer, I want to understand how to "use the classes described in Overview of Module Configuration to create a configuration object for a new system...

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need 100% unit test coverage chris-brown-nz/pilogbook

Need to have 100% coverage of automated unit test suites. This would be a good job to look at for anyone wanting to get involved in the project, please contact me for details.

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