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Sunum linkinin zorunlu olması pyistanbul/website

Bazen sunum dosyası kayıp olabiliyor. Link belirtmeden de sunum bilgisi girebilmeliyiz.

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Footer'a Meetup linki eklemek lazım pyistanbul/website

Etkinlikler için adresini kullanıyoruz ama sitede Meetup profilimize dair hiçbir ibare yok.

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JSON Decode error if no data yet in harvest wilau2/harvest-balance-calculator

# Prerequisites Have a brand new account without any data logged # Steps to reproduce create config.json.secret file Compile and run docker file # Expected Behavior Returns the actual num...

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue help wanted

Wrong size when left padding a unicode string stevemao/left-pad

There is an inconsistency when padding strings containg unicode characters out of BMP plan (ie. code points encoded on two chars in UTF-16). ``` leftPad('a\u{1f431}b', 4, 'x') => 'a\u{1f431}b' ...

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Cannot run app in API level 23 szaza/android-yolo-v2

Hi. I tried to change the minSdkVersion to 23 but the app crashes. Camera2 API runs from SDK version 21. So, why is the app crashing? The error message is as follows - java.lang.RuntimeExc...

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