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implement `align_to` by hand Lokathor/bytemuck

Apparently `align_to` is spec'd such that you can just fail to do the conversion, and so MIRI for example choose to just fail and return the starting slice every time. That's crap, and we need t...

Created - 0 comments - good first issue

`PodCastError` does not implement `Display` and `Hash` Lokathor/bytemuck

Those two impls are useful and there are not compatibility concerns as the enum is already fixed for this major version and not non-exhaustive. (Edit: `Error` would require `std` however).

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Container stats tables not sorting correctly portainer/portainer

portainer 1.15.0 is not correctly sorting the tables. When I click any column, it re-sorts the table, but I'm not really sure how it sorting, as the end results makes no sense. Take a look at this ...

Created - 1 comment - area/container-stats exp/beginner good first issue kind/bug platform/windows

Stack web editor has issues with space and tab indents portainer/portainer

**Description** When editing a stack with the web editor it shows a bad ident error if a line is idented with tab and the line below only with spaces. **Steps to reproduce the issue:** 1. ...

Created - 1 comment - area/UX area/stack-creation exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

Periodically purge expired cookies Lusito/forget-me-not

Firefox seems to keep expired cookies until some cookie limit is reached before it purges them: It would be nice to have an option to purge e...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Improve navigation on legal pages TheRealGD/therealgd

The legal pages are currently a boring wall of text. Improve user-friendliness & navigation by: 1. Breaking up page sections with horizontal rule 2. create section on right-side containing l...

Created - 1 comment - UI good first issue help wanted

Swarm visualizer - color by service portainer/portainer

Could we implement a color by service model, like in ![image](

Created - 2 comments - area/swarm-visualizer exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

Fix Tooltip info on Containers list "Quick actions" buttons portainer/portainer

Hello, In the "Containers list" page, the containers datatable displays 4 icons for "_Quick actions_" (stats, logs, console, inspect) but the tooltip displayed when the mouse is "hover" an icon ...

Created - 2 comments - area/UX exp/beginner good first issue kind/style

Add a couple of content pages for Privacy Policy, TOS, etc with links in the footer area TheRealGD/therealgd

- [ ] assign to UKyank - [ ] prepare all legal materials in any format - [ ] modify templates/code with these materials

Created - 2 comments - LEGAL UI good first issue

Attempting to view user comment history results in application 500 error: "undefined method" TheRealGD/therealgd

When attempting to view a user's comment history, the application responds with a 500 error. This condition exists regardless of the user's authentication state. These are the errors received f...

Created - 2 comments - IT SHALL BE DONE TODO UI bug good first issue help wanted

Honor original file or editorconfig file for indentation in JSON Lusito/web-ext-translator

In the export you get when coping you seem to use 4 spaces for indentation. This is bad, because: * I use 2 spaces indentation in my project ([and at least in NodeJS that seem to be the standar...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue

Display stack and host info in container details page portainer/portainer

<!-- Thanks for opening a feature request for Portainer ! Do you need help or have a question? Come chat with us on Slack or gitter

Created - 3 comments - area/container-details exp/beginner good first issue hacktoberfest kind/enhancement

Navbar hover effect TheRealGD/therealgd

Improve end-user experience by implementing a mouse-hover effect on the site's navbar. When a user hovers over the boundary of a selectable item on the navbar, change color of the item. In the mock...

Created - 3 comments - UI enhancement good first issue

Change: Eliminate the "Return to/f/XDeals" link in the comment section TheRealGD/therealgd

If I click on comments on a deal from my front page, the comment page then reads "Return to /f/XDeals" which isn't where I came from. I arrived from the front page, not that particulate deal's subf...

Created - 3 comments - UI enhancement good first issue

Navbar dropdown on hover instead of click TheRealGD/therealgd

Have navbar's drop down menu show on hover rather than having to click. ![image](

Created - 3 comments - Pure Front-End (HTML/JS/CSS Only) UI enhancement good first issue

Support timestamp of logs portainer/portainer

I cannot see timestamps of logs, but docker offers the `-t` option to get that info. Can you please offer an default option to display the timestamps of logs? **Technical details:** * Portain...

Created - 4 comments - area/container-logs exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

[UI Bug] Container name goes to second line after checkbox when has long name portainer/portainer

![image]( Only when menu is expanded

Created - 5 comments - area/containers exp/beginner good first issue kind/style

Attempting to run the 'hello-cube' example on OS X v10.11 El Capitan gives error: "[ERROR gfx_bac... StarArawn/harmony

- Harmony version: commit [`bd4300ffbc651aeea8e625606645d90021cad83a`]( - Active Rust Toolchain: stable-x86_64...

Created - 6 comments - Type: Bug good first issue

Global announcement by admin TheRealGD/therealgd

# Requirements 1. For a site-wide/global announcement, it should appear on the landing page [see Picture 2]. 2. The message should link to an announcement thread allowing user comment. 3. The...

Created - 6 comments - IT SHALL BE DONE UI good first issue

Shortcuts for WET Lusito/web-ext-translator

Hi Lusito, are there any shortcuts for WET? I'm especially interested in a shortcut that switches to the next string saving the previous string. Thanks. Michael

Created - 8 comments - enhancement good first issue

Quickly editing environment variables portainer/portainer

**Current Situation** Currently when creating a container, you need to add a single line for each environment argument you want to provide. If you want to add multiple you need to just add multi...

Created - 10 comments - area/container-creation area/service-creation area/service-details exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

Analytics TheRealGD/therealgd

We don't want to measure everything or dig deep into heatmaps, etc. But IMO we want the number of forum views / unique visitors/ DAU/MAU from Day One. I think this could be pretty easily done ...

Created - 10 comments - Analytics TODO good first issue

[1.15.4] Name column broken portainer/portainer

After the new updated under the Container tab the Name column if the name is too long appears broken ![immagine](

Created - 12 comments - area/containers exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

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