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Container stats tables not sorting correctly portainer/portainer

portainer 1.15.0 is not correctly sorting the tables. When I click any column, it re-sorts the table, but I'm not really sure how it sorting, as the end results makes no sense. Take a look at this ...

Created - 1 comment - area/container-stats exp/beginner good first issue kind/bug platform/windows

Stack web editor has issues with space and tab indents portainer/portainer

**Description** When editing a stack with the web editor it shows a bad ident error if a line is idented with tab and the line below only with spaces. **Steps to reproduce the issue:** 1. ...

Created - 1 comment - area/UX area/stack-creation exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

Periodically purge expired cookies Lusito/forget-me-not

Firefox seems to keep expired cookies until some cookie limit is reached before it purges them: It would be nice to have an option to purge e...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Improve navigation on legal pages TheRealGD/therealgd

The legal pages are currently a boring wall of text. Improve user-friendliness & navigation by: 1. Breaking up page sections with horizontal rule 2. create section on right-side containing l...

Created - 1 comment - UI good first issue help wanted

Swarm visualizer - color by service portainer/portainer

Could we implement a color by service model, like in ![image](

Created - 2 comments - area/swarm-visualizer exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

Fix Tooltip info on Containers list "Quick actions" buttons portainer/portainer

Hello, In the "Containers list" page, the containers datatable displays 4 icons for "_Quick actions_" (stats, logs, console, inspect) but the tooltip displayed when the mouse is "hover" an icon ...

Created - 2 comments - area/UX exp/beginner good first issue kind/style

Add a couple of content pages for Privacy Policy, TOS, etc with links in the footer area TheRealGD/therealgd

- [ ] assign to UKyank - [ ] prepare all legal materials in any format - [ ] modify templates/code with these materials

Created - 2 comments - LEGAL UI good first issue

Attempting to view user comment history results in application 500 error: "undefined method" TheRealGD/therealgd

When attempting to view a user's comment history, the application responds with a 500 error. This condition exists regardless of the user's authentication state. These are the errors received f...

Created - 2 comments - IT SHALL BE DONE TODO UI bug good first issue help wanted

Honor original file or editorconfig file for indentation in JSON Lusito/web-ext-translator

In the export you get when coping you seem to use 4 spaces for indentation. This is bad, because: * I use 2 spaces indentation in my project ([and at least in NodeJS that seem to be the standar...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue

Display stack and host info in container details page portainer/portainer

<!-- Thanks for opening a feature request for Portainer ! Do you need help or have a question? Come chat with us on Slack or gitter

Created - 3 comments - area/container-details exp/beginner good first issue hacktoberfest kind/enhancement

Navbar hover effect TheRealGD/therealgd

Improve end-user experience by implementing a mouse-hover effect on the site's navbar. When a user hovers over the boundary of a selectable item on the navbar, change color of the item. In the mock...

Created - 3 comments - UI enhancement good first issue

Change: Eliminate the "Return to/f/XDeals" link in the comment section TheRealGD/therealgd

If I click on comments on a deal from my front page, the comment page then reads "Return to /f/XDeals" which isn't where I came from. I arrived from the front page, not that particulate deal's subf...

Created - 3 comments - UI enhancement good first issue

Navbar dropdown on hover instead of click TheRealGD/therealgd

Have navbar's drop down menu show on hover rather than having to click. ![image](

Created - 3 comments - Pure Front-End (HTML/JS/CSS Only) UI enhancement good first issue

Support timestamp of logs portainer/portainer

I cannot see timestamps of logs, but docker offers the `-t` option to get that info. Can you please offer an default option to display the timestamps of logs? **Technical details:** * Portain...

Created - 4 comments - area/container-logs exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

[UI Bug] Container name goes to second line after checkbox when has long name portainer/portainer

![image]( Only when menu is expanded

Created - 5 comments - area/containers exp/beginner good first issue kind/style

Global announcement by admin TheRealGD/therealgd

# Requirements 1. For a site-wide/global announcement, it should appear on the landing page [see Picture 2]. 2. The message should link to an announcement thread allowing user comment. 3. The...

Created - 6 comments - IT SHALL BE DONE UI good first issue

Shortcuts for WET Lusito/web-ext-translator

Hi Lusito, are there any shortcuts for WET? I'm especially interested in a shortcut that switches to the next string saving the previous string. Thanks. Michael

Created - 8 comments - enhancement good first issue

Quickly editing environment variables portainer/portainer

**Current Situation** Currently when creating a container, you need to add a single line for each environment argument you want to provide. If you want to add multiple you need to just add multi...

Created - 10 comments - area/container-creation area/service-creation area/service-details exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

Analytics TheRealGD/therealgd

We don't want to measure everything or dig deep into heatmaps, etc. But IMO we want the number of forum views / unique visitors/ DAU/MAU from Day One. I think this could be pretty easily done ...

Created - 10 comments - Analytics TODO good first issue

[1.15.4] Name column broken portainer/portainer

After the new updated under the Container tab the Name column if the name is too long appears broken ![immagine](

Created - 12 comments - area/containers exp/beginner good first issue kind/enhancement

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