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Add some default hadoop counters twitter/scalding

cascading adds a few default counters, but we could add some more. For instance hit-count of the map-side cache for commutative semigroups. Helps in tuning the cache size, but there might be others.

Created - 0 comments - beginner feature

Implement sketch inner join, where both sides are sketch twitter/scalding

If both sides of a join are skewed, or you want to do a self join, the Sketched cannot handle that. It would be nice to support these cases.

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The ExecutionTest with Kmeans is flakey twitter/scalding

The law written is only true with high probability, so it sometimes fails. Need to fix this to denoise the tests.

Created - 0 comments - beginner cleanup

Expose SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates on Scene AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium

Getting screen coordinates from world coordinates is a common question on the mailing list. While `SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates` can do this, no one ever stumbles on it via our documen...

Created - 0 comments - beginner cleanup

Add interpolation tests tweenjs/tween.js

There's a nice // TODO in the unit tests file, asking for tests for the interpolation feature (tween.interpolation(Linear/Bezier/Catmull-Rom))

Created - 0 comments - good first bug HELP NEEDED

Disable fullScreen and option to change it to fullWindow clappr/clappr

I'm not able to disable fullScreen button. The only way to disable it is via delete from template. Is there an option to deactivate fullScreen and may be an option to alter it with fullWindow. Most...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

AES_set_encrypt_key and variants return error codes, but they are ignored briansmith/ring

Look at and other instances where those functions are called. The return value is ignored...

Created - 0 comments - bug good-first-bug static-analysis-and-type-safety test-coverage

Don't use `[0; T]` to construct not-yet-initialized values briansmith/ring

It turns out that some test vectors are using all-zero values as inputs, which then get used as expected outputs when we verify,for example, that decrypting a ciphertext results in the original pla...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug static-analysis-and-type-safety test-coverage

Improve conventions for passing fixed-sized arrays to FFI functions briansmith/ring

After I filed the feedback was mostly negative so I made it the convention to use `x: *const T/*[N]*/` and `x: *mut T/*[N]*/` instead of `x: &[T; N]` ...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug static-analysis-and-type-safety

Use C99 static array size specifier in C function prototypes briansmith/ring

See Quoting a comment on that page: "this feature is described in bullet 7, ISO/IEC 9899:201x n1570 working draft." In...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug static-analysis-and-type-safety

Test createVerticesFromHeightMap and createVerticesFromQuantizedTerrainMesh AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium

`createVerticesFromHeightMap` and `createVerticesFromQuantizedTerrainMesh` have no unit tests.

Created - 0 comments - beginner type - enhancement

Add tests of unaligned inputs for `ring::digest` briansmith/ring

In particular, test on platforms that require 4-byte alignment for 32-bit integers and/or 8-byte alignment for 64-bit integers.

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug static-analysis-and-type-safety test-coverage

Expand (NIST) ECDH and X25519 testing briansmith/ring

For both, add test cases for: - Overlong inputs - Cases where the inputs are not reduced mod `q`, but which are otherwise correct. These are invalid for NIST ECDH but valid for X25519. (The NIST EC...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug test-coverage

Cesium registers mouse events it's not using AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium

`ScreenSpaceEventHandler` registers a bunch of mouse event handlers when it is initialized regardless of whether Cesium is actually using these event handlers. This can cause weird side effects wh...

Created - 0 comments - beginner cleanup

Add support for best quality compression redfin/react-server

> I've got a fun side project called shrink-ray that is adding zopfli and brotli support to express compression. I don't think this is a particularly good thing to spend time on right now, fwiw. M...

Created - 0 comments - good first contribution help wanted

Add default error screen clappr/clappr

When a playback error occurs, like the one reported in #1105

Created - 0 comments - easy feature plugin

Check matrix multiplication in shaders AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium

Prevent possible precision errors when transforming vertices be multiple matrices. Go through all of the shaders and change things like: ``` vec4 positionWC = czm_inverseView * positionEC; vec4 p...

Created - 0 comments - beginner

Work around lack of stdalign.h on OpenBSD briansmith/ring

As reported in #287, compilation fails with OpenBSD's GCC 4.8 because it lacks stdalign.h: ``` --- stderr In file included from crypto/aes/aes.c:55:0: crypto/aes/../internal.h:136:22: fatal error:...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug

Use node-gyp specified in configs when available pnpm/pnpm

Currently pnpm always uses the node-gyp which is shipped with it. However, npm uses a custom node-gyp when it is specified in the configs (see:

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Update Sandcastle examples to match most common use cases AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium

From discussion related to #4081 It would be helpful to our users if our sandcastle examples more closely resembled scenarios for which they would be using Cesium. This is particularly true for ...

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement priority

auto-deploy github pages on merges to master twitter/algebird

It'd be fantastic if we didn't have to remember to deploy the docs and github pages. This script has the incantations that will make this possible with Travis:

Created - 0 comments - beginner documentation

Mark C function return values as `#[must_use]` briansmith/ring

One approach is to use (if/when it is implemented) the proposed `#[must_use]` annotation on functions: Another approach is to change the return value ...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug static-analysis-and-type-safety

Add comments (description) to config file rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

[This config]( option was added via [this PR]( Sti...

Created - 0 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

add a comment system for docs cobrateam/splinter

Created - 0 comments - Docs easy

Please change 'current release' button cobrateam/splinter

This might be common knowledge to a lot of programmers, but I was having a difficult time trying to download splinter, because I didn't even think I could click the 'current release' button on the ...

Created - 0 comments - Docs easy

Connection marker broken after zoom/scroll on IE bpmn-io/bpmn-js

This is an [Internet Explorer 10+11 bug]( we need to provide a workaround for. ``` if (navigator....

Created - 0 comments - browser:IE bug rendering starter

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