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Allow async exec test to reject babel/babel

Ref and commited in In an exec test, you can now return...

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Only run coverage on 1 build (maybe the latest node) babel/babel

There shouldn't need to be a reason for us to run the code coverage for each node version in travis? Similar to how we do flow/lint checks on a separate build, except in this case we still have ...

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[7.0] Replace lodash/assign with Object.assign babel/babel

We currently us lodash/assign in the codebase: For example here

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[7.0] Remove aliased helpers from babel-runtime babel/babel

`babel-runtime`'s built files currently contain several aliases that are unused as far as I can tell. I haven't done any checks on the history, so I'd be curious to see why they existed in the firs...

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babel-polyfill: generate individual files for each shim babel/babel

Currently turns ```js import "babel-polyfill"; ``` into ```js import "core-js/modules/es7.string.pad-start"; import "core-js/modu...

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Rule proposal (for 0.14): require stateless function components use destructuring on the props pa... yannickcr/eslint-plugin-react

It would warn on this: ``` jsx var SomeThing = props => ( <Foo bar={props.fizz} baz={} /> ); ``` Suggesting that this is a more expressive syntax: ``` jsx var SomeT...

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jsx-first-prop-new-line needs --fix command yannickcr/eslint-plugin-react

There needs to be a --fix command for this rule so that it automatically adds the props to a new line when the multiline flag is used. Better to have an autofix than the entire team having to go th...

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Setup integration testing infrastructure jquery/jquery

This will allow us to use webdriver for those times we'd prefer an e2e test.

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Unambiguous ES module parse support. babel/babel-eslint

Related to [eslint/issues/6496]( something like `babel-eslint` may be a better fit to start with.

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Lerna doesn't update README facebook/create-react-app

This is frustrating: How it affects us: We may need to use somethin...

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Promote react/jsx-no-undef to be an error facebook/create-react-app

It's currently not but it should be since it's guaranteed to lead to an error in runtime.

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Weird lint output facebook/create-react-app

Something I noticed in a project: ``` Compiled with warnings. Warning in ./src/App.js /Users/gaearon/p/pixelpaint/src/App.js 45:49 warning Unexpected mix of '&&' and '||' no-mixed-o...

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Disable "deploy" hint if "deploy" exists in package.json "scripts" facebook/create-react-app

We print the following for GH Pages homepage: ``` The build folder is ready to be deployed. To publish it at, run: yarn add --dev gh-pages Add the following ...

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Gracefully handle initial npm errors facebook/create-react-app

Currently, when npm fails for the first time, you end up with an empty project that doesn't work. We should delete the broken files we added (or the whole folder if we created it), and print a m...

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Switch from preset-latest to preset-env facebook/create-react-app

We should probably switch `babel-preset-react-app` from `babel-preset-latest` to `babel-preset-env`. We should target `ie 9`. We now have this beautiful warning: ```bash warning react-scripts ...

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Remove unnecesary stat of watched files karma-runner/karma

chokidar is passing the stat now, since

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Do not include *.map files by default karma-runner/karma

Source map files should be only served, not included.

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Handle blocked pop-up window (when client.useIframe false) karma-runner/karma

By default, Chrome (and probably all other browsers too) will block the pop-up window. This results in super weird behavior - browser starts execution (it thinks it's executing), but never really s...

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find() should work like find(1) shelljs/shelljs

I expected the following to work... but took a look at the docs and `require('shelljs').find` quite a bit different than I expected. Here is what I'm trying to do: ``` js // find all directories ...

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When preprocessor generates errors, they should be visible in runner. karma-runner/karma

1) lunch karma start 2) have preprocessor which causes an error msg 3) run karma run 4) notice that the error messages does not show up in the karma run window.

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Improve logging for preproessors karma-runner/karma

For any reason, a preprocessor is not working for me atm. In Debug-Level, it even shows no information about preprocessors, if a non existing name is taken. The logging should be as clear as for t...

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Write an india verifyRelease plugin semantic-release/semantic-release

[india]( is a very nice module by @bcherny, that can detect breaking changes, by diffing your module's interface derived from JSDoc style code comments. I'd love t...

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Support for custom postprocessors for installed packages bower/bower

They would work similarly to [Pluggable Resolvers](, but would take care of postprocessing downloaded packages, instead of downloading them. Currently plu...

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karma || karma-chrome-launcher Does Not Respect 'captureTimeout' karma-runner/karma

### Expected behavior If Chrome is taking too long to launch, I am expecting that I can alter 'captureTimeout' to wait longer. The default is suppose to be 60sec. but, karma retries ~500msecs. ##...

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Debug karma.error is not a function karma-runner/karma

### Expected behavior When karma is run in debug and a karma adapter calls `__karma__.error`, the error message should be printed on the console. ### Actual behavior When karma is run in debug, d...

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Simplify config.js karma-runner/karma

The current configuration code is pretty messy, it would be great to streamline this and make it more generic, so it's easier to define and document configuration options.

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parseOptions: allow a way to keep errors silent (exception only) shelljs/shelljs

Currently, `parseOptions` always outputs an error message to stderr if an unknown option is encountered. It would be great if there was an easy way to make sure `parseOptions` would remain silent, ...

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refactor: objectAssign should refer to Object.assign if it exists, or the internal polyfill other... shelljs/shelljs

Inside `common.js`, we export either `objectAssign()` or `Object.assign()` as `common.extend()`. However, we still use our internal implementation inside `common.js`, and we should prefer `Object.a...

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Add common troubleshooting steps commitizen/cz-cli

There are a set of steps that would probably be useful in troubleshooting problems with Commitizen and Adapters. Over time it would be nice to have a place for them to be documented rather than bei...

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Document top-level `files` option xojs/xo

First needs to make sure it actually works. We already have `files` in overrides. Would be nice to be able to use it in the top-level config too instead of using CLI arguments.

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