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See if we can plug macrobase into Mimir's explanation system UBOdin/mimir

Created - 0 comments - backend eventually help wanted lenses

Timeline de atividades (news feed) doesangueorg/doesangue-core

Página global onde todo utilizador poderá acompanhar as atividades recentes de outros utilizadores (**doações**, **pontos/scores** adquiridos na plataforma, **destacar sugestões de doadores para se...

Created - 0 comments - backend feature frontend help wanted

Data validation is too slow TheOrangeAllianceNet/TheOrangeAlliance2016-2017

@robotics0001: > 'make data validation faster'

Created - 0 comments - backend bug help wanted mongodb python

App lag on torrent download Lunik/Lunik-Torrent

When a torrent is starting / downloading, the App is lagging. Need to Fork the client process. - Need to fork client - Need to fork filetransfert

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted perf priority/p1

Integrate IPFS Hackerfleet/hfos-legacy

We should make use of this greate invention, ASAP

Created - 0 comments - backend data enhancement help wanted

OpenStack classes autoload jobcespedes/moodle-mod_bigbluebuttonbn

The OpenStack classes have to use *require_once* everywhere. We want they to use the moodle autoload feature

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted

Add heroku one click Integration gauthamzz/Django-EventPlatform

We want one click integration with heroku for the project

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted opencode Type C : 30 points

members should be able to drop a tournament EVSD/evsd-landing

if partner event, only one partner needs to drop

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted pending

announcement/news EVSD/evsd-landing

Make an announcement/news page where admins and officers can edit

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted

Find out what to do when a resource hits max value evangipson/microstocks

I should make the resource plummet after it hits max value. The aim is that the player has to sell it gets too high or they could lose their large investment!

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted question

Add `offset` and `limit` as query parameters in most endpoints VirrageS/chirp

Since we would like to have fast and responsive backend and frontend it is necessary to add `offset` and `limit` query parameters to easily manage number of content we would like to present. Fir...

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faire un upload sans aucune generation d'erreur willkoua/ouziya

lors de l'upload, meme si ce dernier fonctionne, on recoit toujours une erreur <<The file "WIN_20151226_11_48_25_Pro.mp4" was not uploaded due to an unknown error>>

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted medium not urgent

Connect to the RabbitMQ matee911/ClayPipe

- configuration in appropriate file - connect and pull messages

Created - 0 comments - backend enhancement help wanted ready

Branch for Windows support VTCAKAVSMoACE/webpass

`gpgfind`, `install`, and many of the subprocesses executed by `webpass.js` do not function in Windows. Make a branch for Windows support.

Created - 0 comments - backend enhancement feature request help wanted windows

Commit a Travis template to this repo hackoregon/devops-17

Each team should be more or less deploying a similar Django architecture in their project. This should mean that the Travis configuration to build, test and deploy their Django API stack should ...

Created - 0 comments - backend help wanted

Assignment 9 - cannot access S3 bucket-hosted hackoregon/devops-17

In [assignment 9]( the `/bin/`script is downloading the `` file from S3: ``` aws s3 cp \ ...

Created - 0 comments - backend blocked help wanted

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