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Calling 'getJSON' for address that has redirect causes exception NativeScript/NativeScript

<!-- We appreciate your feedback! While we are doing all we can to take care of every issue, sometimes we get overwhelmed. That's why - issues that are not constructive or describe problems that...

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API for transfer progress stats ipfs/go-ipfs

There has been a fair amount of demand for a way to check the 'transfer progress' of a given file, similarly to how torrent clients show. This is not currently a very easy thing to track, but i t...

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Regression test for DagService GetLinks optimization of RawNodes ipfs/go-ipfs

So it doesn't disappear one day. It isn't critical but would be nice thing to have, should be nice sta...

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Get an error when collecting examples enb/enb-bem-techs

for example, you have an example 00-all.bemjson.js: 1. add 00-all.blocks folder where you will add some blocks for your examples 2. run server and collect example 3. delete 00-all.blocks 4. try to ...

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UseCython: Make use of modern CMake scikit-build/scikit-build

Currently the only way to add to the Cython module search path for add_cython_target is to use the outdated include_directories CMake command. Ideally, we would be able to use target_include_dire...

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Remove unused x86 AsmUtil64.asm eclipse/omr

The contents of this assembler file are not consumed anywhere, nor in any known downstream projects. It can be deleted, and the makefiles modified to not build it. ``` ./fvtest/compilertest/x/ru...

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Add support deps.js "*" masks bem-archive/bem-tools

For example ``` javascript ({ mustDeps: [ { block: 'i-jquery', elems: '*' } ] }) ``` ``` javascript ({ mustDeps: [ { block:...

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Alumni dwyl/dwyl-site

Alumni, or how we _encourage_ people to DWYL even if that means _leaving_ our team to join another org/co ... 😢 `->` ❤️ ✅ 🎉 > We'll miss you @jrans ... 😭 (_but we're **excited** for your n...

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Tabbed Console (Parallel Jobs) erincinci/magepanel

MageConsole page should support tabbed view for multiple console output from multiple projects or environments

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Exibir versão do package.json na UI bernardobrezende/gh-x9

Exibir em algum canto a versão que está no package.json na UI, para podermos começar a versionar as entregas.

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Executar validação do SaveChanges() gitavares/tiqe_web_csharp

Executar validação do SaveChanges()

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Support for /api/v0/dns/ ipfs/js-ipfs-http-client

_(I was unable to find this in code nor seen any discussion in Issues)_ There is an API that returns [dnslink]( value defined in `...

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Daemon on Cordova - Android ipfs/js-ipfs

Hello. Is it possible to start a js-ipfs daemon properly in a cordova app on android ? More exactly, I used the script tag in my main html and added the js code for the daemon to start. The ...

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NAT Traversal libp2p/js-libp2p

Currently, the only mechanism to pierce through NATs in js-libp2p is the WebRTC transport. NAT Traversal is a feature that is hard to get 100% complete as there will be always more NAT implementati...

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cache merkledag nodes in dagservice ipfs/go-ipfs

Adding in a cache for recently used merkledag nodes will improve performance on workloads that rely on manipulating object graphs. Ideally, the size of the cache should be configurable from the co...

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Add a `--wait` flag as global command ipfs/go-ipfs

It was discussed in irc that it would be very nice to be able to start a command but not wait for it to return. If we implement `ipfs diag cmds cancel <job>` and `ipfs diag cmds wait <job>` we wou...

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Implement `ipfs diag cmds wait` ipfs/go-ipfs

This command should block until a selected command finishes. Required for #3114

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Migrations prompt hides Ctrl+c for shutdown ipfs/go-ipfs

``` $ cmd/ipfs/ipfs daemon Initializing daemon... Found outdated fs-repo, migrations need to be run. Run migrations now? [y/N] ^C Received interrupt signal, shutting down... (Hit ctrl-c again to fo...

Created - 1 comment - backlog bug daemon + init help wanted repo

Fix ugly output when killing a command ipfs/go-ipfs

Killing an ipfs command with ctrl+c prints this ugly error message: ``` 00:01:48.015 ERROR commands/h: net/http: request canceled client.go:247 Error: net/http: request canceled ``` I know t...

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No support of punycode domains. ipfs/go-ipfs

#### Version information: go-ipfs version: 0.4.10- Repo version: 5 System version: amd64/windows Golang version: go1.8.3 #### Type: Bug #### Severity: Medium #### Description: No supp...

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crash when require module with dash enb/enb-bemxjst

If I require module with dash, like this: ``` { sourceSuffixes: ['bemtree.js', 'bemtree'], lang: '{lang}', requires: { 'my-module': { commonJS: path.resolve(__dirname + '/../my-module'...

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Reduce ifcmple to unconditional branching eclipse/omr

The following tree is equivalent to unconditional branching: ``` ifbcmple --> block_4 ...

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Investigate and address -Wparentheses-equality warnings in compiler eclipse/omr

Investigate and fix: ``` warning: equality comparison with extraneous parentheses [-Wparentheses-equality] ``` (e.g. ../compiler/optimizer/RedundantAsyncCheckRemoval.cpp:833)

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Refactor Power l2aEvaluator eclipse/omr

`OMR::Power::TreeEvaluator::l2aEvaluator` contains an undocumented specialty optimization to insert a prefetch when compiled at scorching for a compressed reference sequence. I believe this is an ...

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Replace char* parameters with std::string in JitBuilder interfaces eclipse/omr

This is the umbrella epic to track the work to replace `char *` string parameters in JitBuilder interfaces with `std::string` for simplicity and type safety. This epic needs stronger justificati...

Created - 1 comment - backlog epic help wanted jitbuilder

Eliminate return and reason codes from Return IL nodes eclipse/omr

Return nodes used to be able to capture the notion of a "return reason" in some environments. This functionality is not exercised in OMR or any known downstream projects and should be eliminated. ...

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