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Go through and clear out the BROWSERINCONSISTENCIES guardian/scribe

This is a bit of a chore but a few of these might not be actual browser inconsistencies anymore.

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Make sure scribe markers are not left around guardian/scribe

Scribe markers are currently left all over the place. Look at this for an example. The approach here from @chanon is simple but should be merged as part...

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Remove unused x86 AsmUtil64.asm eclipse/omr

The contents of this assembler file are not consumed anywhere, nor in any known downstream projects. It can be deleted, and the makefiles modified to not build it. ``` ./fvtest/compilertest/x/ru...

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Room editing ideas for new contributors. OpenMeridian105/Meridian59

With the [new room editor available]( and people starting to get the hang of it, I've compiled a smal...

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add bazaar support jubalh/gontributions

much can be taken from 'git.go' I guess.

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Add support for images cyclejs-community/cycle-canvas

Often in game development you want to be able to use external images. Canvas supports drawing images, so we can as well.

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find people to help proof read beginners guide command section :) slugbyte/learnyounix

Make tickets for what needs to be proof read :)

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Documentation djps/SingleVesselHeat

Apply doxygen comments to all files.

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Some views are cut in landscape mode soyguijarro/lunchroulette

The main and error views show cut up for small viewport heights, such as mobile phones in landscape mode. See attached screenshot. ![screen shot 2016-12-10 at 23 46 01](https://cloud.githubuserc...

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Tests Pitt-CSC/PittAPIWebWrapper

Write tests for the endpoints to ensure they are all returning 200 with proper JSON output

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Set proper headers Pitt-CSC/PittAPIWebWrapper

Currently the calls are missing a lot of proper, standard headers. Please include proper CORS and cache headers.

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preferences window improvement idrop-link/

## General - add stuff octocat ## User - the `User` toolbar item does not give feedback when clicked - the `User` toolbar item should check if logged in; if not: show a tab (to be added) with si...

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Standardised output djps/PhasedArrayRayleighIntegral

User controlled output in - binary - ascii - HDF5 - vtk formats

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Add methods to get repository / commit language usage with just username (no access token) andrewbrooke/github-lang-getter

This should be a fairly easy starter task for someone. Basically, we want to refactor the `getRepoLanguages` and `getCommitLanguages` functions to be able to take a username instead of an access...

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Graph를 이용한 Score 출력 요함. leeyoungil/CapstoneDesign_Project_Deus

게임 시 발생하는 Score를 10번의 게임 단위로 그래프를 그려 사용자에게 보여주는 기능 추가 요함.

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Support Using `...` To Terminate Markdown Yaml FrontMatter microsoft/vscode

From Support Frontmatter that is terminated by `...`: ```yaml --- title: Best...

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Bring back ahead/behind counts while git syncing microsoft/vscode

- VSCode Version: 1.12.0 - OS Version: Win 10 Steps to Reproduce: 1. Create a commit and click on the sync icon in the bottom left 2. Observe how the ahead/behind counts disappear immediate...

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When hovering over vertical menu tooltips, icons have shortcuts in them, but wrapper buttons don't microsoft/vscode

- VSCode Version: 1.13.0 - OS Version: Windows 10 Home 10.0.15063 Steps to Reproduce: 1. Hover over vertical menu icons and slowly slide up and down 2. See the tooltip containing shortcut w...

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"Submit a bug" should include the command line and remove extensions if launched with --disable-e... microsoft/vscode

The "report a bug" button opens a window with all the extensions filled in, which is great. But if you open code with all extensions disabled there is no indication of this in the pregenerated text...

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Add a section in about the different labels for issues guardian/scribe

It would be nice to add an explanation of how users who want to work with scribe can get started. For example, we could add a list of task that need to be done in order of difficulty and add someth...

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Feature Request: Routing based on HTTP query string envoyproxy/envoy

*Title*: *Routing based on HTTP query string* *Motivation*: For some applications, the HTTP query string carries information useful for routing. The `prefix`, `path`, and `regex` fields in the...

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Macros to condition code on log level envoyproxy/envoy

It would be helpful to have some macros to condition code execution on log level. E.g. code that generates input variable `foo` to an `ENVOY_LOG(debug, "{}", foo)` should not need to execute if we'...

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Access log filter based on authority envoyproxy/envoy

I want to separate access log to different file per virtual host(In Nginx, it's easy), but I can not find filter based on `:authority`.

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Statsd global prefix envoyproxy/envoy

**Add global prefix for all statsd metrics** *Description*: For now, we have the only option to send all metrics with 'envoy.' prefix. But it will be useful to have an option to send all metric...

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Fix inconsistency in rate limit filter names envoyproxy/envoy

Minor cleanup related to PR #8796, for HTTP filters we have [`envoy.rate_limit`]( but for netwo...

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Edit screen inconsistent use of camel casing aristotle-mdr/aristotle-metadata-registry

Camel casing is not used consistently in edit screen. E.g. Registration Authority is the only label not camel cased in the Statuses block:

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add a `NOERROR` env option to remove `warnings_as_errors` during compilation erlang/rebar3

the option to strip `warnings_as_errors` from compiler options would be useful for development and for working with out of date dependencies (see also #1414)

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Investigate and address -Wparentheses-equality warnings in compiler eclipse/omr

Investigate and fix: ``` warning: equality comparison with extraneous parentheses [-Wparentheses-equality] ``` (e.g. ../compiler/optimizer/RedundantAsyncCheckRemoval.cpp:833)

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Add count to Yampa's main export list ivanperez-keera/Yampa

Somewhere during the module restructuring, I left the function `count` out. This should probably be exported by `FRP.Yampa` (it actually broke some projects, apparently). It's currently with the...

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