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Explain categories better 18F/methods

- [ ] Capitalize and refer to categories as proper nouns. - [ ] Add a few words of description [for categories]. “Took me a while to wrap my head around what this is all about.”

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Guide: introduction ialisme/

Introduction guide to the fediverse. Explain all the things, but mostly the big picture. Will be published at Content file is at `_i18n/en/introduction/cont...

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Praktijk begeleider toevoegen Brutusn/ScoutingVeghel

aan de sectie waar ook de GeBe in zit

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Guide: Servers: GNU Social ialisme/

Introduction to gnu social / … * `_i18n/en/gnusocial/` * Excerpt at `_i18n/en/servers/`

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Explain/contextualize methods on homepage 18F/methods

Currently the homepage jumps right into individual methods without giving any context or explanatory content to help guide the user and have a deeper understanding for HCD and how methods can be ap...

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