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borders tedconf/shed-css

# Borders ### Goal To expose all aspects of borders to a user while also providing sane defaults for the most common use cases ### Properties - `border` - ~~`border-block-end`~~ - ~~`border-block-...

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Add electron-sudo support for launching DD process Brunux/virtydrive

Add [electron-sudo]( so the app can start with normal privileges and then ask for elevated privileges when running `dd` subprocess for writing to t...

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Verify drive size and iso size to check if the iso is able to fit in the drive Brunux/virtydrive

SImple function to verify before writing to drive.

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Random caption each time page is loaded. dnxc/

I'd like to have the caption (the thing that says "that one thing that Jacobs doesn't really like") ![image](

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在介绍页面增加项目简介并补全项目 HackSwjtu/

要求:需用英文 link:

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asciinema for go-ipfs ipfs/distributions

we need one. here's a super basic one i made: but it's so off. i want to cover: - `ipfs init` - `ipfs cat` the welcome readme - `ipfs add -r .` a ...

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Misskey Proxyでキャッシュを行う misskey-delta/misskey-web


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Marcar as reuniões no site, de modo a enviar os emails e integrar com google calendar NIAEFEUP/Website-NIAEFEUP

Termos algum mecanismo para marcar uma reunião e seria logo enviado um e-mail template para todos os convidados para a reunião. Isto seria uma ferramenta disponível a toda a gente que tivesse um...

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Upload Data Openahmedabad/

@jimishio @ndkcha We need to add a link - specifically an upload box where people can drag and drop files 1. Is it possible? 2. How much time will it take? 3. Where can it be placed on the...

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Integrate Parker into the build process twbs/bootstrap

i.e. By diffing a PR's CSS stats against the previous stats, we can get a warning if something causes the number of entities to explode. See also: mdo's jQuery ...

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Verhuur Fotos Brutusn/ScoutingVeghel

Voeg de foto's die Ellen gestuurd heeft als aparte pagina om een impressie te geven van de blokhut.

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Implement android app display on webpage anandwana001/

I would like to implement something like this in this repository. Reference:- @vivekghanchi @Harshvardhan58 if you could help on this issue! ![image](htt...

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Criar sistema de permissões NIAEFEUP/Website-NIAEFEUP

Criar um sistema de permissões dinâmico em que os utilizadores ganham ou perdem acesso dependendo do seu nível de privilégios. Isto permitirá criar um sistema mais dinâmico para alteração de inform...

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Natural Search syntax Glavin001/atom-playlist

Instead of searching for keywords, you could search by name and / or artist: ``` <name> by <artist> ``` There could be many others (suggestions please!). I suggest using regex.

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Simplify the customization of popover twbs/bootstrap

This is a suggestion I have from a long time. I thought it was missing in version 3, and it might be well to allow it in version 4. When we want to customize the popover (width, content padding...)...

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Passbook support Attendize/Attendize

I noticed that you support QRCodes, but it is not mentioned to support Passbook by Apple, do you plan to add it?

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Alternative Software Empfehlungen openhsr/

Eine neue Seite für Alternative Software Empfehlungen soll erstellt werden (Bsp. PDF-Reader, Office usw.) Ich frage mich spezifisch bei dieser Seite wie wir das mit nicht freier Software wie bsp. ...

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Consider integrating Drool to check for leaks in the JS twbs/bootstrap

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post layout? pages-themes/minimal

Any reason for the lack of post layout? I've just started to use the theme (thanks!) and for posts have removed the title above the content, and put the page title in the header (which I've adde...

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Switch to Hugo twbs/bootstrap

OK... this is probably something we might never get to do it due to the amount of changes. That being said, [Hugo]( is blazingly fast, has no dependency like Jekyll has to Rub...

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