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Add "Restart=always" to the duplicati.service file (systemd)? duplicati/duplicati

The duplicati.service crashed on me again today, so I'm adding "Restart=always" – so it at least starts up again by it self. The downside of this is that if you don't check your logs you could b...

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Log information cut off after prefix duplicati/duplicati

<!-- Thank you for taking the time to submit an issue using this template. By following the instructions and filling out the sections below, you will help the developers get the necessary informati...

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Store temporary files in memory duplicati/duplicati

As the temporary files are usually small (say 50-200MB) they can easily fit into memory on most machines (small ARM devices like RPI or Synology excluded). Experiments with setting a RAM-disk as...

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Slice RecentStates.StateReferences planetarium/libplanet

The current implementation of applying `RecentState.StateReferences` can consume huge memory when its length is quite long. To avoid this, we shouldn't apply all at once but instead, slice and a...

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Daikin ECONO mode crankyoldgit/IRremoteESP8266

Hi, this is a request... i'm using this awesome library to control daikin ac. Is there the possibility to add the "ECONO" mode to the daikin library? The ECONO mode is a function that sets a li...

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