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Move videos from Superlectures to Youtube pyvec/

Write scrapper, which downloads all videos, slides and description from superlectures and move it to youtube (pyvec account). Example [video](

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Offline capabilities P8H/tantal-dev

A first version of the offline mode are committed: a6fb42b4d3955b79ecb363b2d392667eea4cef39 Branch currently not stable and the offline mode doesn't work. The big problem: The included MathJax Lib...

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Upload Data Openahmedabad/

@jimishio @ndkcha We need to add a link - specifically an upload box where people can drag and drop files 1. Is it possible? 2. How much time will it take? 3. Where can it be placed on the...

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UI Enchancement for Project Management anupvarghese/metaboard_client_app

- [x] Status Update: remove checkbox, arrange elements nicely - [x] Project Deadline: customize DatePicker ([rc-calendar]( for our design style - [ ] ...

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política de privacidad (de datos) CodeandoMexico/terremoto-cdmx

Parecería irrelevante en la emergencia, pero definir una política de privacidad base, nos serviría para: - delinear las expectativas del uso de información que estamos recopilando - registrar s...

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class relations mikeyduece/black_thursday

need to get classes looking up to their parents

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Iteration 3 mikeyduece/black_thursday

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Review 18F list for any more APIs GSA/open-gsa-redesign

See if any of the APIs on this list have not been added yet:

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Revisar el estilo de los listados (actualmente parecen párrafos) CodeandoMexico/terremoto-cdmx

![screen shot 2017-09-22 at 06 54 39]( Este bloque de texto parece que no está alineado a la ...

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apply class="active" to currently active page/section devcows/hugo-universal-theme

Not entirely sure how to achieve this. But the current behaviour is the only indication of page is the breadcrumb. The Bootstrapious theme has the behaviour of active pages, but that is hard cod...

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Use SSL for the site citizenlabsgr/homepage-legacy

Being able to use will look more professional. is a good way to do this for free. We could create a Citizen Labs account for this.

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Revise and expand "Conscious language" guidance 18F/content-guide

Add something about ableist language along these lines?

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