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design issue SpEcHiDe/QuizGenerator

- the database is not proper - the front end and the back end are not consistent with each other - requires a complete redesign of this web application ## but still This works for minor use cases, ...

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Inicialización ULL-ESIT-SYTW-1617/practica-despliegues-en-iaas-y-heroku-noejaco2017

**Hay que modificar toda la estructura para traerse bien gh-pages** que se me fue por completo y no lo pusheé bien. Vamos, lo de siempre pero en el primer commit empujarlo con **--force** para elim...

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Кроссбраузерная поддержка lanit-tercom-school/analyzeme

На данный момент Angular приложение проектов точно не работает в IE11, Safari. После создания готового прототипа нужно будет заняться.

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testing new issue MyBeeps/webhooktest

testing new issue desc

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GENERIC ISSUE SenyOrg/kekec-med

# GENERIC ISSUE This issue can be referenced for small tasks without a ticket. ## Please do not close or modify this issue

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final liuyunl777/assignment-01

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测试,请忽略 leantickettest/leanengine-node-sdk

关联工单:2697 测试,请忽略

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Move FacebookTokenAuthStage to nrn-app-facebook doc-ai/node-neuron-app

This authStage is too specific to be in this library. Instead it should be moved to a corresponding app.

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4) Establish Prompts - Build Lifecycle - Phase 1: Building JS kenzanlabs/generator-keystone

As defined in milestone objectives a) JS linting (existing Keystone pipeline) b) unit testing (needed pipeline*) c) concat / min (existing Keystone pipeline) **tdd-pipeline still needed** https://...

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Collector MX-5ClubPoland/MMCLapTimer

Należy stworzyć klasę Collector, która przejmie część odpowiedzialności obecnej klasy Spreadsheet. Collector będzie posługiwał się obiektami klasy Spreadsheet, z których każdy będzie dotyczył tylk...

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404 developer mind not found Oh-Visit-Seoul/OVS-Backend

invalid developer mind

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Aplikowanie na nowego użytkownika - usterka. madrypiotr/SDD

Nie ukazują się szczegóły Kwestii aplikacyjnej. - W kolekcji "usersDraft" - jest - Na liście Kwestii - jest, - Po kliknięciu w nazwę Kwestii - nie jest prezentowana w szczegółach Kwestii.

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Cannot connect to unix sock using web socket. hitron-cctv/node-server

## Problem File Name WebBroadcast.js ## Expected behavior Open socket connection. ## Actual behavior Web socket only use `ws` or `wss` ## Steps to reproduce the behavior - Run index.html - ...

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Failed mocha tests HardTacos/checkers

unit tests won't run

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Smoothly look around to the left and right around the point where billboard is Geoneer/smrtmps

_From @Geoneer on July 6, 2017 22:1_ So the user can 'look around' in a smooth way. So a VR experience will be setup on a 2D image. _Copied from original issue: Geoneer/geomatch#21_

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firestore not a function wchesley/React-Pizza

Error code: `TypeError: _firebase__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0__.default.firestore is not a function` Error thrown in ./src/firebase/db.js Line 3: `const db = Firebase.firestore();`

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Enhancement : PIXI.js & Live2D DotSaikyo/Live2D

Going to move the app to the new system created by @avgjs : [pixi-live2d](, go check out his demo! Stay stunned & be happy ;D

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What exactly is BaseStation? cornell-cup/cs-minibot

I need the answer to write my Meng Project Report. Thanks!!

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Display doesn't update konkor/cpufreq

Thanks for this excellent app. Gives me an extra 4 hours of battery on my machine. The extension is working as expected however, the display does not seem to update on the latest version. For e...

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Clavi IEEEmadC/Apps-2017

Clavi - Your academic assistant Team name: MetaFinger Developers: [Krushn Dayshmookh]( [Kirtiraj Garud](

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