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Make active tab behaviour independent of html structure twbs/bootstrap

In v4, the active tab selector is defined as: ``` ACTIVE_CHILD: '> .nav-item > .active, > .active', ``` The first selector forces us to use the `nav-item` class for the tab, which I would like to...

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Can't open Dropdown via space bar in Firefox twbs/bootstrap

In v4, using Firefox. Hitting spacebar to open the dropdown menu, it opens and quickly closes steps to reproduce: - focused on the dropdown components by tab - press "spacebar" one time - th...

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Tooltips on actionable controls - problems with links and in general touch devices twbs/bootstrap

Currently, tooltips have a series of issues: - if added to a link, it seems that the tooltip swallows any further attempt to actually trigger the link (even when using a mouse or keyboard) - us...

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Simplify the customization of popover twbs/bootstrap

This is a suggestion I have from a long time. I thought it was missing in version 3, and it might be well to allow it in version 4. When we want to customize the popover (width, content padding...)...

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Consider integrating Drool to check for leaks in the JS twbs/bootstrap

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Collapse.js v4 only toggles one target? twbs/bootstrap This example, using Bootstrap v3, properly shows the two hidden rows when clicking the first plus button. The same markup using the v4 source only toggles the _f...

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