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Improve storage drivers google/cadvisor

cAdvisor does not export the container spec and the machine usage to the supported db's. We need to do the following: 1. Move filesystem data to a separate tables - 'Filesystem Spec' and 'Filesyste...

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Migrate legacy tests prometheus/prometheus

The direct port of the old tests in `promql/testdata/legacy.test` is relatively messy. In the long run we'll want to migrate those to smaller scoped tests where testdata and queries have a better f...

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Write debugging guide coreos/fleet

Write up a simple guide to help debug why fleet is not acting as expected.

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stage1: idea of using pure golang unprivileged containers (unc) as execution engine rkt/rkt

just an idea (similar to #1030), we can base on [unc](, with great technical explanation in [this]( blog series pros: - unprivile...

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functional tests QA rkt/rkt

_(follows up Tracker issue for several QA issues for the functional tests. - [x] no leftover goroutines ( - [ ] ag...

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store: enabling clair to troll the rkt store rkt/rkt

[clair]( is an open source project to analyze container images and figure out if they may container known vulnerable pieces of software by analyzing metadata. It wo...

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Doesn't build on armhf go-delve/delve

Getting following when trying to build on armhf with go 1.5.1: go test -ldflags="-X main.Build=1a4250fb5147a9a06f608a5e89dccc4f62fd20c5"

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Several functional tests may be unnecessarily(?) running rkt with --debug rkt/rkt

It looks like many functional tests (~100 according to a quick grep) are running rkt with `--debug`. Given that we are having some long running-time issues for the testsuite, it may be worth having...

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actool: evaluate pgzip (parallel gzip) appc/spec

It would be nice to run some real benchmarks on using pgzip to evaluate whether it would be worth considering using in the various actool code ([aci/file](

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API: use gRPC and grpc-gateway quay/clair

In many of our open source projects we are exposing API services we are starting to use [gRPC and grpc-gateway]( The advantage of using this fra...

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Update control-plane components per upstream changes coreos/coreos-kubernetes

The upstream controller components have added some config that we should include in our default pod specs. Quick scan looks like it might just be resource requests: [scheduler](

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rkt: fetch should support bittorrent via magnet URIs rkt/rkt

When performing [image meta discovery](, or run directly with a magnet URI on the command line (e.g. `rkt fetch magnet:?xt=urn:btih:T...

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Display service uptime as part of a list-units output coreos/fleet

We really enjoy using fleetctl to perform cluster related operations, but during debugging sessions we've seen a need to know how long a service has been running in case services are bouncing, it w...

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Checkpoint/Restore (CRIU) Test of Rocket rkt/rkt

It would be good to test out if checkpoint restore in userspace works well with Rocket. It should be doable but some possible problem points come to mind: 1. If the systemd journal is attached insi...

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fleetctl: --tunnel does not accept IPv6 addresses coreos/fleet

When trying to tunnel to a machine via SSH and the machine's IPv6 address, fleetctl gives the error: ``` Unable to initialize client: failed initializing SSH client: dial tcp: too many colons in ...

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Query inhibitions from amtool prometheus/alertmanager

<!-- Please do *NOT* ask usage questions in Github issues. If your issue is not a feature request or bug report use:!forum/prometheus-users. If ...

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New proxy mode documentation is outdated. mitmproxy/mitmproxy still lists at least `-R`, which should be `--mode reverse:...`. This should be trivial to fix, one just needs to go through the whole document and...

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CUSE/FreeBSD support coreos/torus

I'm a FreeBSD fan from college, and it'd be cool to play with Torus on multiple operating systems. This requires writing a cgo library around [libcuse](

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Enable access logging for ALBs created with alb-ingress-controller kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller

Hello, We'd like to enable access logging for ALBs that alb-ingress-controller create. We are currently doing this manually for long-running services, but it would be nice if we could configure ...

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examples: Add k8s cluster with canal (related: calico) poseidon/matchbox

flannel and calico have been combined under `canal`. It would be nice to include canal in the Kubernetes bare metal reference example.

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Wait for kube-system service account to be created kubernetes-sigs/bootkube

Along with waiting for kube-system namespace to be created, we should also wait for kube-system service-account to be created to avoid errors like this: ```Error creating assets: error when crea...

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With our switch to CRDs it is now possible to give our VM it's final name "VirtualMachine" kubevirt/kubevirt

So far, we used for our VirtualMachine object the name `VM`, to allow us doing simple things at the client side, like `kubectl get vms` in contrast to `kubectl get virtualmachine`. Now with CRDs i...

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Clean up our Describe/Context/It/By usage in unit tests and functional tests kubevirt/kubevirt

- [ ] Start using multiple Describe blocks instead of Context - [ ] Start using Context really as Context to Describes - [ ] Start using the `By` function in our tests - [ ] In general go over...

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Introduce `virtctl display` kubevirt/kubevirt

Today we need to either use `virtctl spice` or `virtctl vnc`. In order to make it more convenient - and intention focused - it would be nice to just expose `virtctl display` (eventually witha fl...

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differentiate sls invoke response from logging to allow piping result serverless/serverless

# This is a Feature Proposal ## Description **problem**: when you run `sls invoke`, both the invocation response and logs are written to the console with console.log (stdout). This makes it...

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Docker RestartCount Stats google/cadvisor

Docker provides a RestartCount stats. This stats is used to monitor how many times a container was restarted, and this count increase may represent some kind of problem (like an OOM kill). It...

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remove rolebinding modification permissions last openshift/origin

Related to bug: . When removing users or groups from a project, it is important that the user performing the action retain his rights to update ...

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promtool: print file/line locations for warnings/errors prometheus/prometheus

Checking my config I get warnings, but not the file-name + line-number which cause the warnings/errors: ``` → ./promtool check-config /srv/prometheus/prometheus.yml Checking /srv/prometheus/prome...

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Graceful Decommission coreos/fleet

When an operator needs to take a node out of rotation (for one of many reasons), being able to gracefully remove a fleet agent from the cluster is desirable. Suggested implementation: - fleetd li...

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FEATURE: fleet support for discovery-srv coreos/fleet

I would like to be able to use a SRV record in my cloud-init files for fleet worker machines that points to my etcd2 cluster. How it is now: ``` #cloud-config coreos: fleet: etcd_servers: "...

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