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Add a filter for replacing multiple comment froms pluginkollektiv/antispam-bee

This is an edge case from the support forums. A theme is showing the comment form below every post o...

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Add back Manage Form tab to content types acquia/reservoir

In Reservoir UI we removed the "Manage Form" tab. I think we should added it back. We could rename it something like "Manage Edit Form". Since we offer the form on the site and we explicitly hav...

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somehow going to have to test this with lots of data stuff happening at the same time MinnPost/object-sync-for-salesforce

we will want to watch how the plugin behaves on a live site, and also a production Salesforce install, since we've thus far only run it on development sites and Salesforce sandboxes.

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ODBC uepg/laravel-sybase

Hi, do you have an example of using odbc with this package? I'm not sure how I would put my connection details in the database config file for it.

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JQMIGRATE: 'ready' event is deprecated bobbingwide/oik

As noted in bobbingwide/oik-read-more/issues/3, we may need to change the logic in bw_jquery to prevent the warning message JQMIGRATE: 'ready' event is deprecated. Note: I've since discovered th...

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Contact Us Form - Should proper email and phone number format be required? CCI-Studios/ODEN

Currently, allows the form to proceed when improper email address or phone number is submitted.

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TOC Footer mpdf/mpdf

MPDF refuses to display the correct footer on the TOC pages, neither SetHTMLFooterByName() or toc-odd-footer-name="" works as expected. My order is front page - header 1 footer 1 toc pages - head...

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Should SVGZs be handled by the library or the code consuming the library? darylldoyle/svg-sanitizer

SVGZ's can be handled by running the content through `gzdecode()` before sanitisation and then running through `gzencode()` afterwards. I'm fairly certain we can use `0 === mb_strpos($contents ,...

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Help/Guide on list implementaion pimax/fb-messenger-php

Help with Example useage on list I tried this case 'g': $bot->send(new StructuredMessage($message['sender']['id'], StructuredMessage...

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Notice: Use of undefined constant STYLESHEETPATH – assumed ‘STYLESHEETPATH presscustomizr/hueman-addons > Today after last update of Hueman Addons several times happened: “Notice: Use of undefined constant S...

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Contact Us - Form - Should more fields be required? CCI-Studios/ODEN

@tgascoigne14 We have "preferred method of communication" as a required field but the user doesn't have to actually fill out the phone or email fields. Also, should "reason for communication" be re...

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Form submissions - Is there a "thank you" message/ does the user receive a confirmation email? CCI-Studios/Bluewater-Health

When submitting the contact form I receive an email and the drupal confirmation message, but when I submit the e-card form and volunteering form I get this: ![screen shot 2017-09-05 at 10 44 05 ...

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How to differentiate the text inputs in messages pimax/fb-messenger-php

Hello Please help - I have implemented the Pimax Library for Bot its working cool - BOT - Please enter email address User - types email address BOT - Please enter address User - types addres...

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Provide parser for mammuth/

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Implement Accessibility (a11y) recommendations bobbingwide/oik

### Requirement Implement recommendations as documented in: [Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0]( Start with Conformance level A. See also: - [We...

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Define architecture SU-SWS/stanford_capx

Define the necessary components in order to make this happen in Drupal 8. Start by evaluating the functionality in Drupal 7 and then evaluate what is available to expedite the development. The...

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Incorrect Solution? vinny/recaptcha-2-phpbbmod

Hey man, I'm not even sure if you're still working on this or not, but I thought I would maybe ask for help maybe you can point me in the right direction. On mobile browsers (and sometimes firefo...

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Should Settings API be powered by Fields API, or should Fields API just implement the Settings API? sc0ttkclark/wordpress-fields-api

Right now, our Settings API implementation in the Fields API works nicely as an integration that utilizes the Settings API itself. That means it stores settings in two places (when registered throu...

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How shall I send Location Attachment pimax/fb-messenger-php

Trying to send location as attachment : ``` $coordinates = [ "coordinates" => [ "lat" => "20.464079", "long" => "74.996857" ] ]; $bo...

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Is it possibile to hide the payload text response? pimax/fb-messenger-php

Hi all, I've used a StructuredMessage with a MessageButton like this: ` new MessageButton(MessageButton::TYPE_POSTBACK, 'Info', 'def')` **def** is my Payload and I've handled it with some ...

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Salesforce: Do we need a way to test the API status; maybe make automatic refreshes? MinnPost/object-sync-for-salesforce

This could easily be done as part of the now functional queue system (daily, for example), but it's unclear to me whether it's necessary or not. This fits into a larger question around performance...

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Meta fields can't be accessed unless they already exist in the database MinnPost/object-sync-for-salesforce

When you go to create a fieldmap, if the WordPress object you are mapping has custom meta fields (such as `wp_postmeta`, `wp_termmeta`, etc.) each field will only show up in the dropdown for mappab...

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Input variables exceeded 1000 (to big table sets in JCB) vdm-io/Joomla-Component-Builder

I am moving all repeatable fields to subforms in JCB as most of you know by now. But I have run into an issue that may cause some headaches to say the least. Repeatable fields were stored in a s...

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Improve detection of PHP CLI bobbingwide/oik-batch

When trying to run some new code under oik-batch to set letter taxonomy terms I discovered that the value of the PHP constant PHP_SAPI was not constant! Whereas php_sapi_name() was correctly re...

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Make Plugin() a Pimple Container? GaryJones/plugin-boilerplate

I think I've convinced myself, but would like a second opinion please @Giuseppe-Mazzapica, @Rarst. Please compare master and develop branches. The diff is [here](f3b66b3d1adbe1a30008f698e1708035a1...

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Hunger: Support New Bistro Owner mammuth/

Apparently the new owner started providing PDF menus, as seen at the MPI page: The owner's page currently does not provide a link to...

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Persistent Menu `postback` type not working pimax/fb-messenger-php

Followed the example mentioned in the Example( The menu was created successfully. The problem is the `postback` is not working, did not change...

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