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Add common troubleshooting steps commitizen/cz-cli

There are a set of steps that would probably be useful in troubleshooting problems with Commitizen and Adapters. Over time it would be nice to have a place for them to be documented rather than bei...

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Validate testId and module parameters qunitjs/qunit

When specifying an invalid `testId` or `module` parameter, QUnit just runs an empty testsuite. It should validate the parameters instead: - `testId` must match an existing test - `module` must matc...

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Action methods in routes should be able resolve data other than the component to render kriasoft/react-starter-kit

Currently, route handlers (actions) return React components as follows: ##### `src/routes/news/index.js` ``` js import React from 'react'; import fetch from '../../core/fetch'; import NewsPage fro...

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Improve the can-stache/helpers/route docs canjs/can-stache

They’re pretty bare-bones right now:

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Fix ruby warnings fog/fog-google

Thanks to rake running ruby with -w, we now see a mayhem of warnings while running tests. While some of them are not up to us to fix, others are pointing out genuine issues: ``` /Users/temikus...

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Job Status Overview is only showing the last job per job type otto-de/edison-microservice

Currently, only the last job for a type is contained in the job overview. While there is a request parameter /internal/jobs?distinct=false, there is no possibility in the UI to show the last N jobs...

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Improve the generated index.html for plugins donejs/generator-donejs

Here’s the original issue: Here’s the PR that was merged:

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Add documentation for RunList type go-chef/chef

RunList type currently has no GoDoc whatsoever.

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More testing of youtube-dl's features layer8x/youtube-dl.rb

youtube-dl has a _lot_ of features and we should probably be testing to make sure the gem wrapper works with it.

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Wiki documentation layer8x/youtube-dl.rb

Replicate the youtube-dl documentation on the GitHub wiki but add code examples.

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"Hint" Entity requirement MycroftAI/adapt

Currently, intent parsers support optional arguments, required arguments, and "at least one of these" requirements. Something that would help clean up the contents of a resolved intent would be the...

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Catch DOM Exception 18 and throw RS error, plus show a message to the user remotestorage/remotestorage.js

Safari users (both mobile and desktop) have an option to turn off cookies _plus all other local data_. If they do that, this DOM exception is thrown when trying to access localStorage or IndexedDB....

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Clean-path function could be cleaner remotestorage/remotestorage.js

Instead of manually encoding e.g. single quotes, this seems to be the clean way to do it (and for everything that `encodeURIComponent` doesn't do it): ``` js function fixedEncodeURIComponent (str)...

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Add Boot section to ClojureScript Dependencies wiki page boot-clj/boot

It would be great if someone added a Boot section to the end of the ClojureScript Dependencies wiki page, since Boot is the only tool not represented:

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Improve CSS on the Error page kriasoft/react-firebase-starter

![image]( (error page)

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Generate routes from static *.md files kriasoft/react-firebase-starter

Sometimes you need to have a list of static pages written in Markdown. E.g. blog posts: ``` sh /posts/ /posts/ ``` It would be nice to automatically generate routing ...

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Make isLocaleSensitive() default in UnitFormat unitsofmeasurement/unit-api

The new API method isLocaleSensitive() in QuantityFormat is declared as default. Since 2.0 is based on Java SE 8 and a majority of implementations are not locale-sensitive, we should also consider ...

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Static Build martindale/maki

Generating a static build of a Maki application should be possible. - [ ] Offline Resource Service (PouchDB?) - [ ] Output bundled HTML + assets to render app locally

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sam parser in bionode bionode/bionode

maybe @homonecloco wants to add a executable, so that it his SAM parser can be used in Bionode, too?

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Events not emitted for "sourced" Resources martindale/maki

Discovered through the creation of the ChainDB block explorer.

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Google Summer of Code 2015 bionode/bionode

[Bionode submitted with BioJS](, projects for [GSoC2015]( Unfortunately, BioJS wasn't accepted as an organi...

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Interaction Layer Compositing martindale/maki

Views for a Maki application should compile to a composed UI; a la "Single Page App," updating only components that have changed dependent on state. Maki applications should target all clients (we...

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Pipeline Followed Twice martindale/maki

It seems in some cases, the pipeline for a specific method might be executed twice. For example; 1. Install Converse, linked on top of [the `redirect-debug` branch](

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Handler Not Passed martindale/maki

Likely tightly co-mingled with #81. In the second call, the handler reverts to the default handler, instead of using the one provided by the Resource.

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Infobubble should not fade if segment description is open streetmix/streetmix

(regression?) This might only happen on touch-enabled devices

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Bootstrap Should Generate /public and index.jade martindale/maki

These assets are missing from the bootstrapping process. [Relevant code](

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Add Filters, Aliases martindale/maki

Resources should be filterable, allow for aliases of these filters. Proposal: ``` js maki.define('Play', { attributes: { state: { type: String , enum: ['queued', 'playing', 'played', 'skipp...

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