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Integrate website update into release script qunitjs/qunit

Related to #736, we should automate updating the website as part of the release script. At the end we should be able to remove most of this:

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[jss-use] Plugin which applies any other plugin to the specific rule cssinjs/jss

Sometimes we don't need plugins to be global, we need to apply them more granular, to a specific rule. Inspired by ``` { button: { use: somePlugin, //...

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Test logging changes/compat for MongoDB 3.4 rueckstiess/mtools

It's possible that there may be logging changes in MongoDB 3.4 (in addition to the known changes in #409) that may cause compatibility issues with the log parsing tools. For example, the log redact...

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Build a API tester to run on every new release buildasaurs/XcodeServerSDK

That would warn us if any of the supported API calls changed responses - maybe use DVR and compare canned and live responses? First we'd wipe all bots, then inject known data and then query for it ...

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Exchange Rate Providers for Google Currency JavaMoney/javamoney-lib

Consider an Exchange Rate Provider for Google Currency similar to

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Event hooks for Storage, Connect, and Processor layers asilvas/node-image-steam

This will allow apps to subscribe to these events as desired, be it for debugging, or tracking performance metrics.

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Write golden render tests romannurik/AndroidIconAnimator

- Tests for given SVG file, compared to a rendered bitmap - Tests for a given .iconanim file, and given time `t`, compared to a golden rendered bitmap

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Blocked guildcards are not included in packet 0x03DC dcrodman/archon

Sylverant includes blocked guildcards as part of the guildcard data chunk sent via series of 03DC packets (though Newserv and Tethealla skip them). The friend guildcards have been implemented but a...

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Develop Main Menu BeehiveNGO/Beta

Develop main menu for the menu container, test some simple module icon/buttons using bootstrap glyphicons in the menu, experiment with mobile, tablet and desktop layouts and navigational elements. ...

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Develop initial List-view Module BeehiveNGO/Beta

Build a first module for the beta website to contain a simple list-view of aid activities reported by humanitarian organizations, enabling activities to be expanded to reveal their details. The mod...

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Begin Formatting Salesforce Database BeehiveNGO/SalesforceLab

Test format Salesforce database to identify formatting issues that might arise

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Main View: Create a view that is launched at the app start batsw/AndroidAnonymityChat

As a [USER] I want a view that allows me to handle the app, so that I can EXIT (terminate the app), put it to backend (notification), monitor the status of the TOR connection and status of Contact...

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Need test(s) for Zero HelpfulHuman/HelpfulUI

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Gruel should use gruel jwir3/gruel

It would be nice if we could use some of the features that gruel offers, as we're building gruel. This task seeks to incorporate a binary version of gruel into the gruel build process.

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Verify input types jmakeig/mlstyle

Source some representative code samples to verify. (I don’t think there’s anything more sophisticated we can do to test other than “eyeball”.) - [ ] JavaScript ( ES2015): There should be no syn...

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Proper License codecitizen/labour-of-the-future

There are multiple open source licenses popular in software projects: - [MIT]( - [GPL-v3](

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[jss-supports] plugin for @supports for IE cssinjs/jss

Currently @supports rule is supported and generates just regular css, however it doesn't work in IE and it seems like it is not hard to make it work by using [this](

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Stylelint integration cssinjs/jss

Lets try to implement it. We need to find a way to support all interfaces, jss, react-jss, styled-jss, aphrodite-jss. Check out stylelint processors api.

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Implement OS:Name identification and friends mono/mono

Corlib/System APIs to identify the host OS needs to be changed to return Wasm.

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Support mapping multiple directories with webRoot microsoft/vscode-chrome-debug-core

_From @roblourens on January 20, 2016 0:40_ The `webRoot` property maps a local path to the '/' url path. Webservers can be configured to map multiple directories and we should support this too. S...

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Clarify Transaction Notes coreshop/CoreShop

There are [some comments and disabled code]( a...

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Task: Explore Evennia to Python3 conversion evennia/evennia

#### Description of requested feature: This task is for exploring just how far we can get with Evennia + Python3. > I'm not sure how suitable this actually is for hacktoberfest (it's unclear...

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mlaunch: fix tests rueckstiess/mtools

The current test suite for mlaunch is not executed because the tests keep failing randomly and are brittle (especially the "auth" ones). Without proper tests, continued development on mlaunch is go...

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Try for coverage unitsofmeasurement/uom-se

While coveralls seems OK (used by API and RI) we may want to give a try here (or in another module/lib)

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