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Develop Main Menu BeehiveNGO/Beta

Develop main menu for the menu container, test some simple module icon/buttons using bootstrap glyphicons in the menu, experiment with mobile, tablet and desktop layouts and navigational elements. ...

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Develop initial List-view Module BeehiveNGO/Beta

Build a first module for the beta website to contain a simple list-view of aid activities reported by humanitarian organizations, enabling activities to be expanded to reveal their details. The mod...

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Need test(s) for Zero HelpfulHuman/HelpfulUI

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Improve accessibility of CodeMirror in Custom HTML widget and theme/plugin editors WordPress/better-code-editing

Once keyboard focus is inside of CodeMirror, it is trapped and cannot be escaped. A fix for this has been implemented for CodeMirror in the Customizer's Additional CSS (see #34) by allowing a user ...

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Develop Header BeehiveNGO/Beta

Build an initial header for the header container, for a logo element and a possible modules icon, allowing space for a mobile phone's status bar. See [Design Overview](

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Better handling of browser preferred language moodlebox/

Find a better way to handle browser preferred language.

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