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etcd or zookeeper ? CodisLabs/codis

I am trying to work out if i need zookeeper ? I prefer not as i think etcd from coreos is better & then i can use golang for everything

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Improve RPC/HTTP sensepost/ruler

- Detect time-out on read - Implement fragmentation of requests - Detect HTTP errors inside RPC/HTTP - Implement other authentication schemes

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Link statically against TensorFlow C library photoprism/photoprism

**As a user, I want to download a single binary for PhotoPrism so that I can easily use it on any computer without complicated installation.** Key to this endeavour is that we stick with *Tensor...

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Add more functions pingcap/tidb

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Codis3.1中协调器使用etcd的问题 CodisLabs/codis


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