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Hello Messages need to be custom. ThorinDev/Lucius

When a player types `/hello` it should pull from a list in config.

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Better movement API LastTryR/LastTry

Right now, we have only a few methods for the movement, such as: * `move(direction)` And this allows you only move right and left * `fly(vx, vy)` Also is not pretty We need to change this ...

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Missing Rendering Modes AgriCraft/AgriCraft

There are rendering modes that have yet to be implemented in the mod. They are: - [ ] Gourd Rendering - [ ] Star Rendering - [ ] Fast Cross Rendering

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Create Playstore Account enterpriseWifiSafeguard/EnterpriseWifiSafeguard

We need a Playstore account for distributing

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F-Droid enterpriseWifiSafeguard/EnterpriseWifiSafeguard

Get this into F-Droid. 1. 2. 3.

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Multi-language support WarzoneMC/Warzone

Add support for multiple languages into the TGM plugin. Could add language files such as `en_US.lang en_UK.lang or es.lang`

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Rank System WarzoneMC/Warzone

It's time for an API centralized rank system! Goals for the implementation are the following: 1. Rank definitions stored in mongo. Allows for dynamically creating and managing rank definition...

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World save/load improvement LastTryR/LastTry

According to the, we **must impove** save system for the world. Added to **todo** list

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todo LastTryR/LastTry

Moved todo list to trello: - [ ] **Swing sword** - [ ] **Z-index for the blocks and entities** - [ ] **Main menu and World Loading states** -...

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