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Modularity: Support on the fly plugin updates cubrr/Boson

Should we consider making the plugin fully modular? Note to self: don't use `Assembly.LoadFile`. **Todo: EXPLORE APPDOMAINS MORE IN THE PLUGIN CONTEXT** ### Options for on the fly updates | Metho...

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Investigate threading in the Tekno environment cubrr/Boson

- [ ] Investigate thread related crashes

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Add electron-sudo support for launching DD process Brunux/virtydrive

Add [electron-sudo]( so the app can start with normal privileges and then ask for elevated privileges when running `dd` subprocess for writing to t...

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Verify drive size and iso size to check if the iso is able to fit in the drive Brunux/virtydrive

SImple function to verify before writing to drive.

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Todo: Add guide on using `nano` and `gedit` deavmi/LearnPascal

And then fix this mess up:

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[Doku] Technische Grundlagen dokumentieren WWI14AMB/WAPlugin

Für die Doku müssen alle relevanten technischen Aspekte beschrieben werden. Dafür benötige ich eure Unterstützung. - wie sieht die Moodle-Umgebung aus? - wie sieht die Entwicklungsumgebung aus?...

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major enhancements hzht/monkey-cat-chat

later down the track... - centralised chat server with profile database - smtp component to reset pw if forgotten - profile - bio, contact etc - optional ldap implementation - message encryptio...

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O - Othello game PDP-10/its

In the list of games in JOBS. MC:SYS2;TS O MC:.INFO.;O INFO MC:.INFO.;O ORDER Compiled from MC:EJS;O 9. @eswenson1, do you still have that file?

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Out-of-sync with ReHLDS headcrab-garage/OpenGS

Need to update the sources with updates from ReHLDS Need to either: * Apply commit from the beginning of February - to latest commit; * Clone the latest available ReHLDS code base, apply clang-f...

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MACTREK - Star Trek game PDP-10/its

.MCTRK is in the list of games in JOBS. There are also mailing lists called BUG-MACTREK, BUG-MACTRK, BUG-STREK and BUG-TREK in AI:.MAIL.;.MCOLD NAMES, and a 1980 comment from LPH@MC in ITS OBUGS0: ...

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Help - Documentation FontManager/font-manager

Write help documents

Created - 4 comments - bug help wanted todo

grouptalk hzht/monkey-cat-chat

2 ways to go about it (actually 3 if server was running only to cater to establish requests and act as intermediary - however as this is not in the implementation), the two options are: 1) host A...

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NGAME - Game selection frontend PDP-10/its

No binary or source, but GAME is in the list of game programs that JOBS knows about, and there's a 1980 post from @eswenson1 in ITS OBUGS0: > I'm getting tired of people telling me that the GAME...

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Write documentation DQM4HEP/dqm4hep-core

Write developer, user and shifter documentation. Can be achieved after all important steps done

Created - 8 comments - help wanted in progress todo

Balancing and Playtesting Zet0rz/nzombies

Balance changes might need to be taken before workshop release. Specifically, these curves are the ones we can balance: - Zombie Speed - Zombie Health - Amount of zombies - Zombie max and min speed...

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