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Automatic connection and server register. basfom/EcoLab

Configure the server for when it connect to the client automatically register within the service machines.

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Product Addons For Shop Products facebookincubator/facebook-for-woocommerce

Hi, Great Plugin!! I'm using the Woocommerce Product Add-Ons Plugin and noticed that when a customer clicks 'Check Out On Website' on the Facebook Shop product, it directs them to the checkout whe...

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Compatibility Issue : FB for Woo breaks Divi Builder facebookincubator/facebook-for-woocommerce

Elegant Themes was debugging as the Divi Builder was not loading while editing some pages. This is what they found: A plugin name "Facebook for WooCommerce" produces some JS errors on the page t...

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Create an installer for the server basfom/EcoLab

For the server to work you must perform a firewall configuration, installation of modules, etc. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a server installer.

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Creation of good documentation basfom/EcoLab

It is very important to have a good documentation of the project, with commands, aids and translations.

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Facebook Shop shows discount price rather than full prices || Compatibility : WooCommerce Membership facebookincubator/facebook-for-woocommerce

Hello, I have been using the woocommerce facebook plugin now for a year and the latest update screwed up my facebook shop all together. Before it was showing the regular full price for retail. ...

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Imported products do not sync : Incompatibility with extension WP All Import facebookincubator/facebook-for-woocommerce

Not expecting you to support every plugin out there but products imported via WP All Import never sync. Haven't tested with the new WooThemes import functionality yet.

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