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Make active tab behaviour independent of html structure twbs/bootstrap

In v4, the active tab selector is defined as: ``` ACTIVE_CHILD: '> .nav-item > .active, > .active', ``` The first selector forces us to use the `nav-item` class for the tab, which I would like to...

Created - 1 comment - help wanted js v4

Integrate Parker into the build process twbs/bootstrap

i.e. By diffing a PR's CSS stats against the previous stats, we can get a warning if something causes the number of entities to explode. See also: mdo's jQuery ...

Created - 2 comments - feature grunt help wanted v4

Can't open Dropdown via space bar in Firefox twbs/bootstrap

In v4, using Firefox. Hitting spacebar to open the dropdown menu, it opens and quickly closes steps to reproduce: - focused on the dropdown components by tab - press "spacebar" one time - th...

Created - 2 comments - accessibility help wanted js v4

Look into using browser-sync twbs/bootstrap

So, our current situation is this: we run `bundle exec jekyll s` for a local dev server. This works OK except that we can't run anything else like the precache script, which needs to be run after J...

Created - 2 comments - build help wanted v4

Tooltips on actionable controls - problems with links and in general touch devices twbs/bootstrap

Currently, tooltips have a series of issues: - if added to a link, it seems that the tooltip swallows any further attempt to actually trigger the link (even when using a mouse or keyboard) - us...

Created - 3 comments - accessibility help wanted js v4

Reboot for forms causes ugly control rendering in Windows / Windows Mobile twbs/bootstrap

A quirk on Windows and Windows Mobile: the very light styles provided by Reboot cause some unforeseen ugliness - current working hypothesis is that by mostly only setting `border-radius` most brows...

Created - 5 comments - css help wanted v4

Consider integrating Drool to check for leaks in the JS twbs/bootstrap

Created - 6 comments - feature grunt help wanted js v4

Prettier twbs/bootstrap

Is there any plan to use for code formatting in the next version of bootstrap? Could really help for any contributions Edit : For anyone that stumbles up...

Created - 8 comments - help wanted meta v4

Collapse.js v4 only toggles one target? twbs/bootstrap This example, using Bootstrap v3, properly shows the two hidden rows when clicking the first plus button. The same markup using the v4 source only toggles the _f...

Created - 10 comments - confirmed help wanted js v4

sourcemap references and CDNs result in 403 responses twbs/bootstrap

wondering if - at least for CDN versions - there's a way of suppressing sourcemap references to files which aren't available (and result in 403 responses, which get silently absorbed by Chrome/Fire...

Created - 10 comments - css grunt help wanted v4

WARNING Potentially invalid value for $container-max-widths twbs/bootstrap

Hello, I have warning when trying compile styles with this variables: ``` $container-max-widths: ( sm: 540px, md: 720px, lg: 960px, xl: 92% ); @include _assert-ascending($co...

Created - 15 comments - css help wanted v4

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