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[npm] non x86 NPM builds don't work intel-iot-devkit/mraa

Because of the structure change the binding.gyp file generated by `make npmpkg` only works for x86. This needs to get fixed, requires a bit of thinking since that would require setting the src macr...

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Image#subimage silently fails on tiled images gosu/gosu

tl;dr: `"full_hd_wallpaper.png").subimage(1,2,3,4)` will always return `nil` Background: Gosu internally splits up images larger than 1024x1024 into several textures. These "tiled"...

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[edison] spi kernel driver does not let you disable CS intel-iot-devkit/mraa

Using the NOCS flag does not work on edison spi kernel driver. ``` root@edison:~# ./spidev_test -D /dev/spidev5.1 -s 1000000 -N can't set default spi mode: Invalid argument Aborted ``` We should ...

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Bring back Image#async_new gosu/gosu

Gosu needs more experimental features! - It used to work, and it should be easy to bring it back.

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Raspberry Pi Pull-up resistors support intel-iot-devkit/mraa

MRAA does not support pull-up resistors while BCM2835 and BCM2836 support them. does not contain a definition of GPPUD =...

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mraa_gpio_isr_exit does not allow ISR thread to shutdown cleanly intel-iot-devkit/mraa

Assuming`HAVE_PTHREAD_CANCEL` is defined, `mraa_gpio_isr_exit()` cancels a thread before giving it the chance to complete (i.e. waiting for it to join). ``` mraa_result_t mraa_gpio_isr_exit(mraa_...

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See how Gosu handles exceptions in each of its callbacks gosu/gosu

I'm not sure where this StackOverflowError here is coming from: This might be caused by Gosu's exception-catching and re-raising logic. ...

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Gosu should create directories if necessary gosu/gosu

For example, `"screenshots/5.png")` should automatically create the `screenshots` folder if it doesn't exist. This is *always* what we want, and frees users from having to call `mkdir_p`...

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When going fullscreen->windowed, the window is not centred gosu/gosu

Reported here:

Created - 0 comments - help wanted should warn if any of Gosu's rendering primitives are used gosu/gosu

Just a quick idea that might be really easy to build: Gosu's rendering primitives already throw and error when called outside of `Window#draw`; maybe the same mechanism can be used to throw an erro...

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BSD flags: compatibility between platforms borgbackup/borg

- Does the set of flags differ by platform? (probably) - If so, when we extract an item with a flag not supported by the particular platform, does the extracted item only has that specific flag mis...

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write adaptor for google sparsehash borgbackup/borg

It would be nice to have a alternative "proven" hashtable implementation, maybe google sparsehash. We could have a wrapper in C that implements the same api as hashindex and uses C++ internally....

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Research deterministic build processes irssi/irssi

It could be interesting to get some deterministic build process up and running for people wanting to run git-head from binaries: Not a high priority at all.

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Inconsistent result on divide with a negative numerator and a constant or variable denominator cc65/cc65

When dividing a negative integer numerator by a constant number, or by a variable containing that same number, the compiler generates different results. This sample code illustrates, and will erro...

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Wrong implicit conversion of integers cc65/cc65

While the standard says that an unsigned char should be promoted to int if an int can represent all values of an unsigned char, and similar for promotion from unsigned to long, cc65 promotes unsign...

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floating point support is missing cc65/cc65

for an overview see

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Improve documentation for what is inlined cc65/cc65

The docs are rather unclear on what is inlined, and I couldn't see any debug option for it either. I have functions like "static void foo()" that are used just once in the file, yet they are not i...

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Comparison of two u8 in arrays calls tosicmp0 cc65/cc65

When comparing two u8 numbers in arrays, a call to tosimcp0 is generated, which is really slow vs a direct comparison. ``` c #include <stdint.h> typedef uint8_t u8; extern u8 arr[8], arr2[8]; voi...

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Consider switching to libucl irssi/irssi

It looks like libucl have got support for keeping comment nodes in memory after parsing the config file so that they can be put back into the file when serialising the config back into a file. The...

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Crash on OpenBSD dunst-project/dunst

Need confirmation if openBSD users are experiencing any crashes in latest master.

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Add GPU support manodeep/Corrfunc

The codes would be so much faster on the GPU. Unfortunately, I hardly know anything about GPUs

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LF NexWatch - unfinished iceman1001/proxmark3

Only a demod exists, with raw id. Still issues with parity checks, checksums TBD

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Cleanup UsingLibical.txt libical/libical

UsingLibical.txt could use a scrubbing and even better would be to incorporate it into the Doxygen manual and adding more info to the wiki.

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Sporadic unit test tyler/trie

Serialisation unit test fails sporadically ``` 1) Trie save/read when I save the populated trie to disk should contain the same data when read...

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Update libdatrie from upstream tyler/trie

I believe we use version 0.1.99 of [libdatrie]( That project's still active, so it's now a [few versions ahead](

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Update installation instructions for window.v2 package. azul3d/engine

_From @slimsag on September 7, 2014 19:2_ We need to update the installation instructions for each platform now that we are not using Chippy but instead GLFW. We can probably remove a few librari...

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Bit rate query interface. azul3d/engine

<a href=""><img src="" align="left" width="96" height="96" hspace="10"></img></a> **Issue by [slimsag](

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Monitor power events for ACPI crash workaround moby/hyperkit

As noted in #7 it would be better if hyperkit would watch for OSX power events itself and freeze the VCPUs rather than relying on an external monitor to do so and send signals.

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Add ability to make a static build saghul/sjs

Not sure how to handle dynamic modules though, what would they link with? The CLI? The embedding application?

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problem sending messages with group-id set using amqp Azure/azure-uamqp-c

I modified the message_sender and message receiver samples to try to set/send and receive/get the group_id (SessionId in service bus explorer). If I send a message to my queue with service bus exp...

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