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C# JsonFormatter does not have a preservingProtoFieldNames method protocolbuffers/protobuf

**What language does this apply to?** If it's a proto syntax change, is it for proto2 or proto3? If it's about generated code change, what programming language? C#, Proto3 **Describe the prob...

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Rewrite fd_posix_test grpc/grpc

It's very hard to follow and maintain, and it's dubious how much value it gives us as a test.

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Create a benchmark for C Core hpack compressor grpc/grpc

It really needs to have: 1. a compression efficiency benchmark (what % compression did we get) 2. a performance microbenchmark (how long does it take to compress 1e6 headers? how much memory?) 3. a...

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Add a debug gpr_malloc/gpr_free. grpc/grpc

We can't rely on ASAN in every environment. Add a debug version of gpr_malloc that at least tracks allocation count, to allow wrapped libraries to ensure proper usage. This would have eased someth...

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HTTP1 upgrade support. grpc/grpc

As a fallback for not having ALPN, we need to be able to upgrade an HTTP1 connection as a viable transport.

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Reimplement profile_analyzer in C++ grpc/grpc

Or do something to improve performance: Python doesn't seem to be a good choice for trawling 5 gigabytes of output data and aggregating it.

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Add a NSError category to easily test for error codes grpc/grpc

So one can write e.g. `error.grpc_isCancelled` instead of `[error.domain isEqual:kGRPCErrorDomain] && (error.code == GRPCErrorCodeCancelled)`.

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Add a test for server-side cardinality violation grpc/grpc

I suspect that it is currently the case that if a server sends either zero responses or two or more responses for an RPC that semantically requires exactly one response, the application experience ...

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Python tests should not complete with reference cycles grpc/grpc

According to @kpayson64 [in this comment]( our unit tests currently have cyclic object graphs after testing completes. We should clean ...

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Meta issue for fuzzing rust-lang/rust-bindgen

This is a meta issue tracking the various things we can do to fuzz bindgen. * [ ] C-Smith: #969 * [ ] `quickcheck`: #970 * [ ] `cargo fuzz`: #971

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Consider adding warnings for unused option items rust-lang/rust-bindgen

It is easy to find that you need to whitelist, blacklist, opaque, etc. something but you forget to, but it is much harder to catch when you forget to remove something from the list. I think it w...

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Add a section to the users guide about deriving traits rust-lang/rust-bindgen

Should include info on: * [ ] How to enable non-default trait deriving * [ ] Heads up about situations in which we can't add `derive(Trait)` because, eg there is a floating point member in a ...

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Go through the libz blitz's guidelines checklist rust-lang/rust-bindgen

From I think a lot of these might not be too relevant since we don't export a very large API. We should go through and check eve...

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Document how to use bindgen with pkg-config or similar. rust-lang/rust-bindgen

It may be useful to see documentation on bindgen being integrated with it, or with stuff that requires altering the include path in bindgen in general. It'd be a nice addition to the book I think.

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Use core::arch vector types on FFI rust-lang/rust-bindgen

Currently, vector types like x86's `__m128d` are bind as follows: ``` pub type __m128d = [f64; 2] // - incorrect alignment: missing #[repr(align(16))] // - incorrect code generation: not #[re...

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Document Objective C and clang Block Usage in the users guide rust-lang/rust-bindgen

We have `Objective-C` #109 and clang `Block` #1378 support, but those are undocumented, we should have a new section like `Generating Bindings to Objective C`.

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Implement CompactRange Level/leveldown

This is pretty hard-core, but if you've know you've been doing some heavy work in a particular (not too big) key range then you could order a compaction of that range rather than waiting for leveld...

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Support checksum options Level/leveldown

- `ReadOptions::verify_checksums` for read operations, which, by default, don't verify checksums. - `Options::paranoid_checks` when opening a db will do aggressive checksum verification moved over...

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Get `ndk-stack` working to symbolicate stack traces facebook/hermes

Several bug reports have unsymbolicated stack traces, and it appears that `ndk-stack` is unable to correctly symbolicate them given the binary releases posted on GitHub and NPM. This could be du...

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Add support for Bond attributes on enum values microsoft/bond

It would be nice to have Bond attributes on enum values as well as on enums. This would help with things like automatically mapping error codes in various systems. For example: ``` enum ErrorCode ...

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Do a Flint++ pass and resolve any issues PeculiarVentures/node-webcrypto-ossl

We had previously had a Flint++ issue ( The code has changed substantially since then, we need to do a pass to make sure any issue...

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Feature Request: Edit Constraints sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser

I want to add a custom UNIQUE constraint but I don't see how with the current app.

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Roadmap parro-it/libui-node

I plan to follow this roadmap to implement new features and improvement, please comment: # Beta 1 - 0.1.0 - [ ] - Complete documentation - UiArea - [ ] - Complete documentation - UiGrid - [ ] - Co...

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build: option to compile out components envoyproxy/envoy

We should add cmake options so that people can compile out code/features they don't want. E.g., Dynamo, Mongo, Redis, etc. (primarily filters, tracing providers, etc.).

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Allow passing a cookie file to bitcoin-cli bitcoinclassic/bitcoinclassic

The authentication between bitcoind and bitcoin-cli can be done via a 'secret' stored in a file on disk. The content of the file is used to authenticate the connecting user, which means bitcoin-cli...

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optimizer limits should restrict differentiator perturbations simbody/simbody

(Transferred from Original filed 2012-06-04 as bug #1680) When an optimizer is given limits on the variable values, it may reach those limits but will not exceed them. When at the limit...

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Need a Ball joint damper for Gazebo simbody/simbody

Gazebo provides an option to put a damper on any joint. That is easy to map to the existing simbody Force::MobilityLinearDamper for joints with axes. For a ball joint, we need a force element that ...

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Simbody should provide a velocity-initialization solver simbody/simbody

Simbody has a pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) solver for setting the initial generalized coordinates to be consistent with constraints and a variety of user-specified conditions like marker ...

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Provide a new version of `isValidInertiaMatrix()` that returns the error as a string simbody/simbody

It would be great to consolidate the `bool isValidInertiaMatrix()` [here]( w...

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