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borders tedconf/shed-css

# Borders ### Goal To expose all aspects of borders to a user while also providing sane defaults for the most common use cases ### Properties - `border` - ~~`border-block-end`~~ - ~~`border-block-...

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Add more of the projects to the web page. hypermodules/

I know I removed some, but now I'm wishing they are back. We should add some of the more complete projects to the web page.

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Hardcoded colour values papercss/papercss

I have noticed there are a few places in the code that uses hardcoded colour values, this does make a bit harder for someone to change the colour values to match their styling. I would suggest a...

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Presentation issue in mobile papercss/papercss

- There is slight scroll in the right direction on mobile. Although, coincidentally a pinch of imperfection is the theme of framework 😉 it can create a bad impression for a CSS framework to allow ...

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