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Make an integrated page for Loomio, Trello, and Google Docs Cognitive-Technology-Group/CogTechWebsite

This could be done with iFrames. Change the 'Forums' page to say "Communications". Have links that pull in iFrames of the Cogtech loomio, trello, and google docs. Maybe to save screen space, th...

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Add an Events Page Cognitive-Technology-Group/CogTechWebsite

Add an 'events' page with links to facebook events. Our past events are linked on the Facebook _Group_ Bonus version: pulling from the Facebook _Page_ API(?) FB _Page_:

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Install Jira Project Management - Free Open-Source License! Cognitive-Technology-Group/CogTechWebsite

Once we have a link to the software, we will qualify for the free open-source license! Jira project management has been highly recommended and could be a major solution to our comms channels / tas...

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Explore wordpress plugins for event management Cognitive-Technology-Group/CogTechWebsite

We may want to liberate ourselves from using Facebook to host events. See the conversation here: Mitar...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement help wanted seem to get a 404 for mofo-bootstrap.css mozilla/mofo-bootstrap

Loading up in the browser and hitting up the network tab reveals a 404 for the actual mofo-bootstrap.css file, so I'm not sure if what the site present...

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Show contributors page from JSON file content MozillaKerala/Home

Populate contributors page from a list of contributors stored in a json file. The page also needs a search box to filter contributors by name.

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Update the Color Scheme Cognitive-Technology-Group/CogTechWebsite

Use your imagination. Only constraint: Something that would be appealing, gender-neutral (not super technical/masculine), and professional but creative/ good design aesthetic. Check this out: http...

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