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Add body class for unique page styles daviddarnes/alembic

## Summary In some cases people may want to style a single page without disrupting other pages or their layouts. By adding a class to the body that is generated from the page title people could ...

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Determinate the best way to clean an array Kikobeats/js-mythbusters

### option 1 ```js arr = [] ``` ### option 2 ```js arr.length = 0 ``` ### option 3 ```js while(arr.length) arr.pop() ```

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CLI: Piping data and queries influxdata/

Currently, there's no documentation on how to pipe data/queries to the CLI. See

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CI: stable nightly rust-lang-nursery/reference

We need to run on nightly, but not allow nightly features. This is because this stuff now lands in rust master, so we need to be able to document newly stable features, but before they actually hit...

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Translation of the `debugging` section in `advanced/metaprogramming` elixirschool/elixirschool

The original PR can be found [here]( ## Translation - [x] en #489 - [ ] bg /cc @merkata - [ ] cn /cc @cizixs - [x] de /cc @Lechindianer...

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SublimeText, Vim, Etc Plugin F1LT3R/markserv

Launch server from Editor and just serve current open file using Markserv. A custom biscuit is created for the Editor. The biscuit can be edited/configured from the Editor.

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Windows Support kilianc/rtail

Support for windows systems would be greatly appreciated. For those of us unfortunate enough to sysadmin Windows boxes, not having access over SSH to "tail" things can be rather annoying. rTail co...

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Implement infinite scrolling and allow bigger buffers kilianc/rtail

discussions #84 #57

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Deprecated Selectors in fonts/styles/fonts.less braver/fonts

Starting from Atom v1.13.0, the contents of atom-text-editor elements are no longer encapsulated within a shadow DOM boundary. This means you should stop using :host and ::shadow pseudo-selectors, ...

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Add video to code of conduct exercise mozilla/open-leadership-training-series

points to cover: VIDEO: CODES OF CONDUCT - this is perhaps one of the most important documents you’ll create - working open is about the relationships you create; example of how diversity has supe...

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Add screenshots to 'the GitHub Interface and markdown' mozilla/open-leadership-training-series Screenshots would help people walk through the steps!

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Create Video for 'your vision drives your project' mozilla/open-leadership-training-series

Video of examples (1 min) This media piece should communicate: - Many different REAL people sharing their visions and articulating their goal starting with the statement: “I’m working to…” - The ra...

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Create a video: Sharing your work mozilla/open-leadership-training-series

Read the full article: Edit here:

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discourage jQuery clicks from tests in guides/tutorial emberjs/guides

See for background I see references in "Testing Components" that should be updated, "Building a Simple Component" (tutoria...

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Create a Less version kjbrum/juice

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Think in a new way to threat triple-height in responsive imaginamundo/square

Apparently it gets to tall, will think about this over time. Need help, I think, hahahaha.

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sonar-click only works for links aurbano/sonar.css

I don't know if this issue is fixable via CSS, at the moment `sonar-click` uses the `:focus` selector to trigger when an element is clicked, which only works on "focusable" elements, like links, in...

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Add tests travs/markdown-pdf

This package sorely needs tests. Most of the open issues here can probably be worked into tests somehow, and many of the errors caught. If anyone wants to give some time/code to this, let me know ...

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Preserve accuracy of convoluted shapes rohanp/vectorfield

Vector fields that distort the curvature of shapes quickly turn into jagged blobs as the number of points plotted is not enough to capture the twists and turns in the shape. (see Math.cos(y)**i** +...

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Multithreaded Three.js rohanp/vectorfield

Parallel processing would speed up Three.js and allow for simulation of more points for more accurate shapes. [This]( is a good resource on g...

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Notice: Request to CTF Organizers and CTF participants ctfs/write-ups-2015

This concerns CTF organizers reading or making use of this repo: This and following repositories try to provide most descriptions, files and writeups of challenges of each CTF in a given year. To p...

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Difference whitehat-contest-10 and whitehat-grand-prix-qualification-2015 ctfs/write-ups-2015

It looks like both CTFs are the same. Same reverse challenges, for example?

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Autocomplete doesn't work in tags area NerosTie/emojione

The autocomplete function of emojione do not work in tags area. Because the script for autocomplete wants a `textarea` that the tags area is not. But if autocomplete works in the tags area, it wo...

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borders tedconf/shed-css

# Borders ### Goal To expose all aspects of borders to a user while also providing sane defaults for the most common use cases ### Properties - `border` - ~~`border-block-end`~~ - ~~`border-block-...

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Translate site to english wheely/ember-dialog

- [ ] #46 - Tutorial: Customizing dialog - [ ] #47 - Tutorial: Presenter and Dialog Manager - [ ] #49 - Tutorial: Creating Your First Dialog - [ ] #50 - Tutorial: Creating Dialog Templates - [ ] #5...

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dry-auto_inject needs new docs dry-rb/

We have a bunch of nice features that are completely undocumented :( ### TODO - [ ] document how to create a custom injector with options - [ ] document `kwargs` strategy - [ ] document `*args` str...

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Improve dry-types documentation for hash schemas dry-rb/

* [x] explain hash schema types (maybe a table with difference would be helpful?) * [ ] explain how summing schemas work (esp address * [x] explain...

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Remove text on home page about the "discussions" repo codeforokc/codeforokc

All discussion now happens on our Slack and we will be removing the "discussions" repo eventually.

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