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Spreadsheet to illustrate cost of service for all elements in the stack dwyl/chat I will be adding to this...

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a chat with more than a thousand messages should be paginated dwyl/chat

a chat/conversation that has more than a thousand elements should _archive_ older messages

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How many recent chat messages is it relevant to show people? dwyl/chat

How many chat messages should we load & show people when they are first viewing an _existing_ conversation...?

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Escaping HTML & JS in Messages dwyl/chat

To prevent JS injection and other malicious XSS etc. e.g: ![chat-js-alert-injection]( We need to ...

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Rethink whole design of website osasto-kuikka/kuikka-website

Current website does not look very good and it really does need big redesign... This would require designer/artists as we only have programmers and we are not that good at it :)

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Draw basic "Architecture" Diagram explaining parts of the puzzle dwyl/chat

What "infrastructure" do we need to make this work?

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Urls pasted into chat should be automatically recognised and made clickable dwyl/chat

requested by @danger89 in chat v0.1 ![chat-links-should-be-clickable](

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Update Functional Docs (Inch-CI Complaining) dwyl/hits-elixir

Documentation is our _highest_ priority in: and yet this repo/project is _sorely_ lacking docs! ![image](https:/...

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Store Previous Messages in HTML5 LocalStorage to reduce app startup time. dwyl/chat

Save the conversation in local storage so that you _never_ have to show a startup message (_i.e. keep people waiting...!!_) ![slack-tacking-ages-to-load](

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Optimise UI for mobile usage dwyl/chat

Our previous demo app _kinda_ works for mobile, but not _mobile-first_. I propose that we do it "_right_" this time...

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My name becomes 'null' dwyl/chat

After a while being in-active the name I provided becomes _null_ in the chat. Somehow the name get lost at server side? Atleast I still have a cookie in my Firefox browser called 'name' containing...

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MVP User Registration dwyl/chat

Is Email and Password Registration still the MVP? Or do people _expect_ to login with Facebook/Google as the _min_ these days...?

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Add WebSockets for Pushing Hit Data to Client dwyl/hits-elixir

At present `hits-elixir` does not have WebSockets whereas `hits` does. If you visit: (_scroll down to the "recently viewed" section_): ![image](https://user-images.githubuser...

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