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Improve storage drivers google/cadvisor

cAdvisor does not export the container spec and the machine usage to the supported db's. We need to do the following: 1. Move filesystem data to a separate tables - 'Filesystem Spec' and 'Filesyste...

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cadvisor should not require docker to be up google/cadvisor

Currently, for cadvisor to detect docker containers, it requires docker daemon to be up and active, before cadvisor is started. This is not ideal. The docker interactions in cAdvisor has to be cent...

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Runtime options documentation out of date google/cadvisor

A lot of flags are missing from the [Runtime Options]( documentation. This document needs a review pass, and the missing flags...

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set --manage-fdlimit to true, and have the default value for fds be 1024 ipfs/go-ipfs

The current default of behaviour of ipfs is to not touch the fd limit (even if it is unsufficient). The reasoning for this is that we want to respect user defined limits on the program. I think tho...

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Add to presubmit google/cadvisor

To prevent Godeps version & files from getting out of sync, we should run the [kubernetes verify-godep]( script in our pre...

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ipfs daemon shutdown command ipfs/go-ipfs

It would be useful to have a command to be able to halt the daemon programmatically, either `ipfs daemon stop` or `ipfs daemon shutdown`. Related Issues: -

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API for transfer progress stats ipfs/go-ipfs

There has been a fair amount of demand for a way to check the 'transfer progress' of a given file, similarly to how torrent clients show. This is not currently a very easy thing to track, but i t...

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Regression test for DagService GetLinks optimization of RawNodes ipfs/go-ipfs

So it doesn't disappear one day. It isn't critical but would be nice thing to have, should be nice sta...

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Gateway and readonly repo ipfs/go-ipfs

The gateway tries to fetch, store, and serve any hash that is requested. It would be useful to be able to refine this behavior, e.g. for repos in readonly environments. The naming is the best I cou...

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Remove `registry/storage/driver/testdriver` docker/distribution

The test driver should be removed and replaced with the `inmemory` driver. The `inmemory` driver should be updated to fully comply with the storagedriver interface to ensure that any written data i...

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Pin lock UI feedback ipfs/go-ipfs

<!-- Output From `ipfs version --all`) --> #### Version information: 0.4.7 <!-- Bug, Feature, Enhancement, Etc --> #### Type: enhancement <!-- from `P0` "Critical" to `P5` "Relatively Unimp...

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Migrate legacy tests prometheus/prometheus

The direct port of the old tests in `promql/testdata/legacy.test` is relatively messy. In the long run we'll want to migrate those to smaller scoped tests where testdata and queries have a better f...

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Add handlers to ext for common services inconshreveable/log15

kafka, sentry, logstash, flume, scribe, splunk, airbrake, etc.

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Write debugging guide coreos/fleet

Write up a simple guide to help debug why fleet is not acting as expected.

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No Package Documentation coreos/fleet

I was just taking my first peek at fleet's source and noticed you have no [package-level documentation]( explaining how the project has been broken down (ex...

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exec with env xordataexchange/crypt

see: Their Exec subcommand is a really great idea. Investigate implementing this in Crypt? cc: @buth

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benchmark loop device filesystem rkt/rkt

_(This is driven by appc/spec#198, but I am proposing it under the auspices of rkt since we have overlayfs implemented here and it should be a good place to experiment.)_ We would like to be able ...

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Database: Delete Repo drone/drone

Deleting a repository should remove all associated keys, params, builds, build tasks and logs:

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docs: create debugging guide rkt/rkt

@iaguis created this awesome presentation on debugging containers: It would be gre...

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stage1: idea of using pure golang unprivileged containers (unc) as execution engine rkt/rkt

just an idea (similar to #1030), we can base on [unc](, with great technical explanation in [this]( blog series pros: - unprivile...

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functional tests QA rkt/rkt

_(follows up Tracker issue for several QA issues for the functional tests. - [x] no leftover goroutines ( - [ ] ag...

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flags are inconsistently abbreviated rkt/rkt

--net vs. --volume for example. I'm in favor of the non-abbreviated form, and perhaps automatically accepting unambiguously abbreviated flags, though the help would of course consistently present ...

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Fleet refuses to stop a dependent process coreos/fleet

I've got two unit files loaded into fleet: **auth-radius-1.service** ``` [Unit] Wants=auth-cache-1.service After=auth-cache-1.service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker run --name auth-radius-1...

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store: enabling clair to troll the rkt store rkt/rkt

[clair]( is an open source project to analyze container images and figure out if they may container known vulnerable pieces of software by analyzing metadata. It wo...

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Add documentation for the untyped server go-swagger/go-swagger

document the usage of the untyped server

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stage1 implementation/guide: missing and empty valued entrypoints should be handled rkt/rkt

Capturing (from rkt-fly): > The doc [](

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Doesn't build on armhf go-delve/delve

Getting following when trying to build on armhf with go 1.5.1: go test -ldflags="-X main.Build=1a4250fb5147a9a06f608a5e89dccc4f62fd20c5"

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update bash completion script automatically rkt/rkt

Capturing from Developers should update `dist/bash_completion/rkt.bash` manually each time a new sub-command is added (or changed). See: ht...

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Feature request: null transport for testing and/or in-process requests go-swagger/go-swagger

## Problem statement It could be really useful to have a "null" transport which allows one to easily make calls between a client and server which reside in the same process. One benefit would be ...

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manpages: too simple description of `--insecure-options` rkt/rkt

Each generated manpage has below description: ``` --insecure-options=none comma-separated list of security features to disable. Allowed values: "none", "image", "tls", "ondisk", "http", "pubke...

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