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can't test servant-client with ghcjs haskell-servant/servant

servant-client has some ifdefs for ghc vs ghcjs, but I can't actually run `stack test`. This is annoying, because if you have a project using `stack-client` using ghcjs, `stack test` on the p...

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Augment tutorial with a section about "real world applications" haskell-servant/servant

It could for example show off several "best practices" or features (custom monad instead of `Handler`, custom error type instead of `ServantErr`, redirects, auth, other things?) through a todo-app ...

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Write integrations tests for servant-client haskell-servant/servant

See e.g. #858, we don't want that to repeat.

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Support API.Modifiers in servant-docs haskell-servant/servant

I'm going to release `servant-0.13` compatible suite without modifiers affecting the docs. I think they should, and it's not a big task!

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Make proper Stream support in servant-docs haskell-servant/servant

The framing strategy should be visible in the generated docs.

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Remove (or update) references to non-existent scripts in haskell-servant/servant

There is no longer a scripts folder; these instructions need an update > Contributions are very welcome! To hack on the github version, clone the > repository. You can use `cabal`: > ```shell ...

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servant-server tutorial (or cookbook?): Add Raw example that's not about static file serving haskell-servant/servant

For example, a problem that came up on the #servant IRC channel: dynamic/conditional reverse proxy-ing, passing along the entire request as is when the condition is satisfied, responding with somet...

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Obsolete documentation haskell-servant/servant I noticed! smile Update [readme](

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Add servant-client-ghcjs to travis setup haskell-servant/servant

`servant-client-ghcjs` might bitrotted, but hopefully not too badly

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servant-client-jsaddle haskell-servant/servant

Add a test which works with both GHCJS and GHC: ask the real API e.g.

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Implement RequestBodySource in servant-client-jsaddle haskell-servant/servant

To my understanding one can `sendXhr` in a loop to push all the data.

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write a literate cryptol version of AERO GaloisInc/cryptol


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Adjust coverage resolution based on the number of tests hedgehogqa/haskell-hedgehog

When running more than 100 tests, the resolution of the coverage output can be confusing: ``` ✗ prop_validates_age failed after 1000 tests. exactly 18, validated on common day 13% ██▌····...

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'Help' utility ChrisPenner/rasa

Both Vim and Emacs have extensive help functionality built into the editor; this has been a great asset for anyone learning the systems and for discoverability of features. [Kakoune](https://github...

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highlight numbers in green cdepillabout/pretty-simple

It would be nice if all numbers were highlighted green. (Similar to how Haskell strings are currently highlighted in blue.)

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highlight stray parenthesis, braces, brackets, quotes, and commas in red cdepillabout/pretty-simple

`pretty-simple` currently parses parentheses, braces, brackets, etc to neatly display nested data structures. It would be nice to have stray parentheses, braces, brackets, etc be highlighted in ...

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two strings next to each other get printed out without any space between them cdepillabout/pretty-simple

The following string: ``` [FileTreeFile "frontend/dist/hello.html" "\n<html>\n\t<head>\n\t</head>\n\t<body>\n\t\t<p>hello world</p>\n\t</body>\n</html>\n",FileTreeDirectory "frontend/dist/what"...

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Deploy to multiple hosts concurrently stackbuilders/hapistrano

We should be able to deploy to multiple hosts concurrently, eg., a web cluster that all needs to run the same release of the application.

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vimL quasiqouter neovimhaskell/nvim-hs

I think it would be cool to have something like [inline-c]( for vimL. Apart from being fun to implement, I can imagine these arguments for and against this. Pros:...

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streamEncode phadej/aeson-extra

Counterpart of `streamDecode`... or it's probably generative if used via `toEncoding`, have to test!

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Improve Stack configuration orome/crypto-enigma-hs

Learn enough Stack to at least - [x] get Stack working for container-based Travis builds (#6 ), - [ ] understand what's going in in Travis builds, - [ ] make sure settings in `.travis.yml` and `sta...

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Provide better handling of preference for Unicode orome/crypto-enigma-hs

Figure out a way to either - [better document]( the expectation that combining Unicode (for state display markup) and Unicode glyphs (for thin Naval roto...

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Encoding/Decoding is not really customizable eskimor/servant-purescript

The settings fields encodeJson/decodeJson are currently ignored and default implementations are being used. Reason: For us the default encodin...

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More gym environments sentenai-research/reinforce

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Flesh out Nation and Region APIs lfairy/nationstates

If you want to help out, check the two modules [NS.Nation]( and [NS.Region](

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Make smart function for constructing pages for pagination Drezil/neat

if you have current page at 50, total pages at 100 it should look like 1 2 ... 40 ... 49 50 51 52 ... 60 ... 100 => make a function smart enough to extract that sequence out ouf [1..100] as it cu...

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