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Cut Load Cell Supports to drawing specified dimensions psas/liquid-engine-test-stand

The load cell supports need to be cut. Drawings for the two parts are located in the liquid-engine-test-stand\Parts to be machined\Load cell support short and Load cell support long. C-channel mate...

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Weld Tank Upper Support Bars psas/liquid-engine-test-stand

The Tank Upper Support Bars need to be welded in place. They are currently sitting in the spots where they are needed in the rocket room. The metal around where they are needing to be welded needs ...

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Design the Liquid engine to Thrust Ring adapter psas/liquid-engine-test-stand

An adapter needs to be designed (make sure it can easily be manufactured) to connect the Engine thrust ring (Found here:

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Prop-tank in-line pressurant diffusers psas/liquid-engine-test-stand

Pressurant diffusers are needed on both the LOX and IPA tanks to minimize the amount N2 mixing and diffusion that occurs in the tank (this especially important with LOX). Diffusers need to be de...

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