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Add new feature: p-value of the Augmented Dickey-Fuller test blue-yonder/tsfresh

Currently we calculate the Augmented Dickey-Fuller test statistic as [feature]( The p-valu...

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Add static type annotations blue-yonder/tsfresh

We already include type annotations for most functions in their docstrings. [mypy]( offers a comment syntax for annotating types in Python 2. This would help us ensure that th...

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Discuss FeatureExtractionSettingsObject blue-yonder/tsfresh

At the moment the FeatureExtractionSettingsObject feels clumsy and hard to understand. Also the naming of some methods do not seem to fit their purpose (I am looking at you, `set_default_paramet...

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Updating Backend/Node.js framework | Restify.js beeva/beeva-best-practices

We need voluntaries to check and improve the different Backend/Node.js frameworks used across the company. At this point we would like to improve the [Restify.js section](

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Presentation/interaction layer for the model Data4Democracy/crash-model

It's important for both model evaluation (against subject matter expertise) and presentation to the public/planners/engineers to have some kind of way to interact with model predictions. This could...

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Add comments on existing concerns Data4Democracy/crash-model

Currently, we're only using entries on the [Vision Zero Concerns map](; however, there are also [comments on existing entries(

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Add requirements JuliaPOMDP/POMCP.jl

The requirements for this solver should be specified with a `@POMDP_require` block, see [instructions](

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need wholeblock example EFerriss/Pynams

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General Repo Cleanup: kizzen/Baller-Shot-Caller

+ Generate requirements.txt to establish a standardized Python environment for users. + Generate a development branch that all users will fork, to protect our master branch.

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Generate primary file kizzen/Baller-Shot-Caller will call upon each of the different modules: * Importing data * Munging * Modelling * Animation

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long code support gusutabopb/imongo

Hi Gustavo, Thanks for your imongo. It is very useful! However, I always get the following message: > Code too long. Please commands with less than 1024 effective chracters. Indentation space...

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Improve unit tests with data sets blue-yonder/tsfresh

Currently our test cases only use integer data sets. We should add tests using data sets containing floats, NaNs and +/-Infs as well as data sets of length 1.

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Updating big_data/spark beeva/beeva-best-practices

The current documentation covers Spark 1.X The proposal is to update it with Spark 2 new contents

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`RmsEnergySpectrum`, `LagEnergySpectrum` and `ExcessVarianceSpectrum` need docstrings! StingraySoftware/stingray

Neither of these three classes have docstrings. If someone would feel compelled to spend 30 minutes writing down what they are, what the parameters are and how to run them, that would be *fantas...

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Planning Notebook: Air Cargo and Spare Tire Problems aimacode/aima-python

In the `planning` notebook, the Air Cargo and Spare Tire Problems are not explained very well. The problem statements are not as clear as they could be. They need to be explained in a bit more deta...

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Tweet text data parsing/cleaning for nlp Data4Democracy/assemble

- Look through data available at as data from the discursive project Some of the tasks we might do are: - Stem - Tokenize - Remove stop words - L...

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Web scraping: Pull congressional record Data4Democracy/assemble

Looking for someone who can work with me to build a spider to pull the congressional record. This needs to be done by end of weekend so it is a tight turn around so looking for someone with time to...

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Parallelization bhargavvader/pycobra

Just curious if parallelization with joblib or dask is in the works. Seems like there is a lot of room for simple parallelization. Thanks, Amir

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[FEATURE_REQUEST] Provide guidance on DSVM deployment via CLI microsoft/computervision-recipes

### Description The script is not working and the Portal is intermittently functional, so I could use some guidance on creating the VM from the CLI: it would probably save me 10-15...

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Support Jen's mantid algorithm sns-chops/multiphonon

Will need to - Allow reading data from mantid output - Allow converting output histograms to mantid workspaces

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Add new method for non-CO2 climate carbon feedbacks gschivley/ghgforcing

Climate carbon feedbacks from non-CO2 emissions are currently handled with a set GtC/year per K temp increase. A [new paper]( provides a better ...

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Template for users to create manifests whatevery1says/we1s-notebook

I'm trying to figure out how to create a user configuration template so that handles both the variables used by the Jupyter notebook code and the required and optional properties specified in the m...

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Ιδεές για projects στην Python UOAPythonWorkshop/WorkshopNotebooks

Καλησπερα παιδια Μετα απο μια συζητηση με τον Φωτη, ειπαμε να προσπαθησουμε να προτεινουμε καθε φορα ο καθενας απο ενα διαφορετικο project-ασκηση και να προσπαθουμε ολοι μαζι να την λυνουμε στην...

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Data Collection: Record all scripted and ordinary trips univie-datamining-team3/assignment2

We have three transport modes for which we want to collect data: - Walking - Subway - Tram For each of those we have to collect 5 scripted and 5 ordinary trips per person. In total we will ha...

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Traduzir as colunas do TSE para ingles Cepesp-Fgv/tse-dados


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Code style in TOC vatlab/sos-docs

The code style does not look good in TOC. ![image]( It should have the same background a...

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Time series representation of outbreak data covid-19-net/covid-19-community

Explore options to represent time series data about COVID-19 outbreak in the Neo4j graph. The data are here:

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Optimize Stingray StingraySoftware/stingray

I would like to discuss here the bottlenecks of the library, and all techniques that can be used to speed-up the processing. We should start from numbers. Let us make use of the `% prun` magic on ...

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Improve Test Coverage for aimacode/aima-python

The module has a lot of code but only a few tests defined in the corresponding test file. You can help by adding tests for some of the functions and methods.

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