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Allow pinning margins to edges SnapKit/Masonry

This would be a nice edition so an inner view could pin it's edges to it's containers layout margins.

Created - 0 comments - enhancement help wanted does not handle file names with spaces firebase/firebase-ios-sdk

The shell script currently splits a list of generated files by spaces so that file's that include spaces in their names do not get processed.

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Add nullability annotations for all private headers parse-community/Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX

We currently have 100% nullability annotations for all public headers, but there are quite a lot of private ones that are missing this. This issue is to track addition of nullability annotations to...

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SignUpViewController fields don't update after `emailAsUsername` is set. parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Failing code snippet: ``` objc PFSignUpViewController *controller = [[PFSignUpViewController alloc] init]; controller.emailAsUsername = YES; controller.fields = PFSignUpFieldsUsernameAndPassword |...

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PFLogInViewController should provide default implementation for PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Currently - to handle both login and signup - you need to implement both `PFLogInViewControllerDelegate` and `PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate`, even though you might have presented sign up from insi...

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Not support for RTL in iOS 9 xmartlabs/XLForm

iOS 9 contains support RTL (Right to left) UI, this feature you can enable it by using internationalization with Arabic localization. The current status of XLForms in this situation: Some UI Bugs ...

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Right to Left support for XLForm xmartlabs/XLForm

The Persian language is Right To Left (like Arabic) and Apple does not support this language, thereby most of our users is using US English as default language so their devices is Left To Right. Us...

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Collaborators WANTED Friend-LGA/LGSideMenuController

Guys, sorry, but now I totally don't have enough time to support my repositories. If somebody want to participate I will glad to add him. And one more thing. If you really want to collaborate, pro...

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Testing spreadsheet cordova-plugin-camera-preview/cordova-plugin-camera-preview

I have created a spreadsheet in order to have a control about every different device we are trying with. Just add your device in a new row if it's not there. If you find an issue add a link to i...

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发送文本、表情、GIF消息需要三种状态 xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit

1.发送中 2.发送失败(可以选择重发) 3.发送成功

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发送视频需要一个横向进度条 xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit

1.支持可取消发送视频 2.展示视频时长 3.展示视频大小

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发送地理位置需要加宽 xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit

1.横向跨度加大 2.需要发送中状态(加载转圈中,获取地理位置) 3.发送成功状态

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用户标签的使用度提高和加强 xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit


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FOXFrequency should shrink by generator order. jeffh/Fox

It would be great for `FOXFrequency` to also shrink by the order of the generator: ``` objc FOXFrequency(@[@[@1, FOXInteger()], @[@1, FOXString()]]); ``` This generator should shri...

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emoji输入键盘 xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit


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请问:有没消息发送未成功,红色叹号标记 ,然后点击重新发送的功能啊。 xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit

如果有得话 请回复我 谢谢 如果没有希望你能更新 谢谢

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Is there a "carbonswipebar" tap event where I can get the tapped index ermalkaleci/CarbonKit

I want to scroll my tableview back to the top when the user clicks a second time on the current tab. What would be the best way to do this. Thanks! (I'm using swift)

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Stop redundant notifications when using desktop signalapp/Signal-iOS

When linked to Signal-Desktop, and having a conversation with someone solely on desktop, notifications continue arrive on your phone. This can be pretty annoying. The behavior that we want is to...

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Invite Flow: sort contact entries of just email address by first letter of email signalapp/Signal-iOS

### Bug description Contact list entry sorted under unknown '#' versus sorting under the first letter of the email address as done by iPhone's system ### Steps to reproduce - Have contact entr...

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Avatar for contact with emoji needs design/change signalapp/Signal-iOS

<!-- This is a bug report template. By following the instructions below and filling out the sections with your information, you will help the developers to get all the necessary data to fix your is...

Created - 0 comments - help wanted needs design

Safety number "scan" title not centered with longer languages signalapp/Signal-iOS

### Bug description When scanning a safety number code where the "scan" subtitle is longer, it's not properly centered. Go to a conversation where you've exchanged messages Tap on the name ...

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Improving search performance markohlebar/Peckham

On larger projects search tends to be a bit sluggish.

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Fill missing methods to adhere to a protocol citrusbyte/Auto-Importer-for-Xcode

This could be done on Obj-C and Swift too. If the programmer selects the protocol that the class adheres to, by typing a shortcut the plugin can look for missing methods in the class and add stubs ...

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Add DocLibClient for iOS as it is in Android OfficeDev/Office-365-SDK-for-iOS

The iOS SDK does not have a DocLibClient to get files from Sharepoint lists.

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Remaining documentation smartdevicelink/sdl_ios

#96 had lots of documentation, but lots is still missing as well. This is a constantly updated list of missing documentation, and should be checked off as new documentation is added. (Incomplete, ...

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Warning about UIVisualEffectView alpha value being set CooperRS/RMActionController

Currently the following warning appears in console when presenting a RMActionController without disabling blur effects for the background view: > UIVisualEffectView is being asked to animate its o...

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Terrible Quality ashfurrow/UIView-BooleanAnimations

We have a really bad QI on CocoaPods: Should probably look at that at some point...

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Update to iOS 7 dblock/TSMiniWebBrowser

Thanks for all you've done. Thats great to support what other people like and use. Let me notice that project codebase is rather old and should be updated to use with iOS 7. I'll point out main is...

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Simplify function to show(type, ...) pbernasconi/cordova-progressIndicator

Maybe it would be simpler to have something like ```'type', true, 'label', 'description') ``` rather than ``` ProgressIndicator.showSimpleWithLabel(true, 'label', 'descri...

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