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Add quasi-quote macros that return AST objects dtolnay/syn

Delegate to the `quote!` macro from the [`quote` crate](, then parse the resulting tokens into the appropriate AST type. Example usage: ```rust let attr: Attrib...

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Library evaluation tracking issue rust-lang-deprecated/tempdir

These tasks came from the [libs team evaluation]( on 2017-03-20. - [ ] [Fix remove_dir_all on windows](

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Refactor macros 1.1 codegen to use constants instead of strings diesel-rs/diesel

Memo to self and potentially others: In, I wrote: > Instead of using strings here (and const lists of strings in ``), you co...

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Error rendering/uploading documentation on Travis diesel-rs/diesel

In #556 I noticed that travis-cargo apparently does not like generating/uploading documentation from a Cargo workspace. The current script on master is: ```bash if [[ "$TRAVIS_RUST_VERSION"...

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Figure out what versions of CURL are supported. alexcrichton/curl-rust

I have been developing against 7.24.0.

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Make shiny examples glium/glium

It is better if examples show real objects (models or procedurally generated) rather than just cubes and triangles.

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automatically generate static wordlist bash scripts docopt/

From #104: > Also I'd like to see an option that generates a static wordlist (bash) scripts for use e.g., in /etc/bash_completion.d/ One could ship/include them in packages, where d...

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Add better continuous integration glium/glium

With various versions of OpenGL.

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Run BMP decoder through bmpsuite image-rs/image is a really thorough suite of edge cases, and it would be great to put this decoder through its paces. Adding it to the automated t...

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Implement hyphen ranges steveklabnik/semver

The version requirement `1.2.3 - 2.3.4` should be equivalent to `>=1.2.3 <=2.3.4`. Spec:

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impl Lock for tuples up to size 32 neon-bindings/neon

As a proof of concept, `Lock` is currently implemented for `(T, U)` where `T` and `U` implement `Lock`. This should be implemented for tuples of all size up to 32 (that seems to be the maximum tupl...

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Make a "transparent" HashMap <-> NodeIndex graph combinator petgraph/petgraph

It would be great to focus on Graph, StableGraph while allowing some kind of map-lookup for nodes.

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Add precision to round filter Keats/tera

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Setting command working directory assert-rs/assert_cli

`AssertCli::command("ls").in_dir("/usr/local/bin")` (param is a `P: AsRef<Path>`) cf. #21

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Run autobahn on every pull request and detect regressions. websockets-rs/rust-websocket

The autobahn tests don't run on every PR, and I think they should as that would have been helpful in finding bug #104 before it was pushed to master. What I'm thinking is that it runs on Travis ...

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Add actual tests AndyBarron/app-dirs-rs

Seriously, the current ~~tests are~~ _test is_ useless 😛

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Support iOS AndyBarron/app-dirs-rs

I have no idea if this is even plausible, but it'd be cool tada

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Add detailed table of paths to the docs AndyBarron/app-dirs-rs

Include every platform and data type. Big table!

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Fix the travis benchmarks tiny-http/tiny-http

For some reason, `ab` fails to connection to the local servers on travis.

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Test on other platforms rust-qt/ritual

Interesting options: - 32-bit Linux, Windows, and OSX; - Windows with MSVC toolchain other than 14 (VS 2015).

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Mobile platform support rust-qt/ritual

Theoretically, mobile platform support (iOS, Android) would be nice, since both Qt and Rust support them on some level.

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Detecting and removing name prefixes rust-qt/ritual

Qt only have "Q" prefix, but other libraries or parts of libraries may have different prefixes. Rust's crate and module system makes prefixes useless, so we should remove them whenever possible. We...

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Guide for benchmarking this crate whatisinternet/Inflector

The benchmarks are all in place. Just needs docs on how to do it. Steps might include: 1. rustup 2. changing to nightly rust 3. commands for running benchmarks `cargo bench --features=unstable` 4....

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consider implementing a COW for the strtab m4b/goblin

Currently it's tied to std and requires non-`std` using consumers to do without the strtab (redox, for example). Currently this isn't much of an issue for most people, but in the future will just ...

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Escape filter results by default cobalt-org/liquid-rust

So this is a pretty large change I think, but as far as I understand the original Liquid HTML escapes everything that goes into filters by default, or something. Someone would have to check what ex...

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Add an optional parse format argument to the date filter cobalt-org/liquid-rust

Something like ``` {{ article.published_at | date: "%a, %b %d, %y", "%b %d, %y" }} ``` to be able to specify a custom parse format.

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zero-copy pe m4b/goblin

See #14

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zero copy archive m4b/goblin

see #14 This might be more tedious. Also should revert the archive header name back to original byte array, to keep `repr(C)`, which should allow for implementation to be `derive(Pwrite, Pre...

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add a zero-copy, safe, symtable for use in no std m4b/goblin

It would pass out references to `Sym`s, which are byte-casted from a backing `&[u8]`; and have a `new -> Result` api (which validates the bounds). We'd need two for elf32 and elf64 probably; or we...

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