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docs(modals): update docs to correspond to latest component helper changes valor-software/ngx-bootstrap

In order to work with ngUpgrade (ng1+ng2 mixed apps) ( was added a method to component helper setRootViewContainerRef how to use https://...

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Calling 'getJSON' for address that has redirect causes exception NativeScript/NativeScript

<!-- We appreciate your feedback! While we are doing all we can to take care of every issue, sometimes we get overwhelmed. That's why - issues that are not constructive or describe problems that...

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Fix "Invalid calling object" in IE9 cyclejs/cyclejs

_From @staltz on December 31, 2015 14:47_ ``` <internet explorer 9 on Windows 2008> Rendering :: DOM Driver :: should catch interaction events from future elements Error: Invalid calling object (...

Created - 0 comments - help wanted issue is bug priority 1 (maybe) scope: dom

Extract `HTMLDriver` cyclejs/cyclejs

Remove exessive and heavy `makeHTMLDriver` dependency from index. Just a reminder as it is still not done.

Created - 0 comments - help wanted issue is breaking suggestion priority 2 (could) scope: dom size M

Expand documentation for creating drivers cyclejs/cyclejs

As title says it would be really helpful to have a bit more guidance for writing drivers. There is only one tiny paragraph in the docs. A few suggestions: - Example how to use stream adapters - how...

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[ROADMAP] v0.1.0 compodoc/compodoc

- [ ] handle external markdown files as "functional" documentation. A starting work is located on feature branch "ext-md" - [ ] watch/recompile feature while serving documentation. A starting wo...

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complete test coverage typeorm/typeorm

Need to cover every aspect, every part of the orm test good tests, otherwise will we face loot of problems very soon. First of all needs functional coverage to make all orm functions are working pr...

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ng2-file-drop api change (discussion) valor-software/ng2-file-upload

##### Use case: simplify onDragOver highlighting ``` html <div ng2-file-drop [ng-class]="{'nv-file-over': hasBaseDropZoneOver}" file-over)="fileOverBase($event)" [uploader]...

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Automatically add XMLHttpRequest header? valor-software/ng2-file-upload

Hey, I was thinking that [FileUploader]( class could automatically add `X-Requested-With: XMLHt...

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support for Amazon Storage valor-software/ng2-file-upload

Hi, I need a clarification about the file storage. Is it possible that we can store the files/images directly in the amazon webserver. Does this module supports for amazon storage?

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[Feat] Bind resize() function valor-software/ng2-charts

I have a container that can be resized by user, i want to put a graph on it and that it becomes responsive to that container, it does work as responsive right now but only makes the changes in canv...

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terminal.integrated.commandsToSkipShell is unintuitive microsoft/vscode

The `commandsToSkipShell` setting requires users to override the entire list, this sucks for users as they need to add a bunch of stuff to their settings.json file, it sucks for us and users becaus...

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Only call setJumpList() after first window is opening microsoft/vscode

No reason to call it before, we should call it as soon as the window starts loading to prevent waterfall on startup. /cc @jrieken

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Make a comprehensive test for the github DSL danger/danger-js

When I added some more DSL attributes to the github DSL, CI was still green. We probably need something to test using the fixtured data from GitHub ( see `GitHub.tests.ts` ) to make an entire D...

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Improve error messaging typings/typings

The current error messaging is quite obscure. Instead, it should probably be using a custom error subclass and we can add a `code` and `data` properties to be able to compose longer message descrip...

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Create a plugin for Atom typings/typings

Command prompt for searching and installing typings.

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Looking for more example projects typings/typings

Some example projects has been added to `` (Link to be added). I'm looking for some more examples to cover the typical shape of the module. For example: - Exporting class - Expo...

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webdriver.executeScript wait a long time(26s) before page load Chatie/wechaty

It seems that webdriver always wait browser window to be stable before run `executeScript`. the condition of stable is set to be like this: ``` javascript window.document.readyState === 'complete...

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Secure WebSocket(wss) do not work with Self Signed Certificate in PhantomJS Chatie/wechaty

It can't work even run phantomjs with `--ignore-ssl-errors=true` options. Error message in console is: > WebSocket network error: The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certi...

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Rewrite / Improve error handling accounts-js/accounts

Currently the `apollo-errors` package is being consumed by our custom `AccountsError` class to throw errors. Moving forward we can continue using `apollo-errors` or make our own custom error class....

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OAuth service logins accounts-js/accounts

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Use custom field validators accounts-js/accounts

Per discussion with @davidyaha in #72 At the moment the validation rules for each field (username, password, email) are handled within `validators.js` in the `@accounts/common`. These should be...

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Ability for a user to change his password when he is logged accounts-js/accounts

A user should be able to change his password by passing is old and new password.

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Listening to instance events prisma-archive/chromeless

With nightmare.js it is possible to add an event listener, for example: function onResponseDetails(event, status, newURL, originalURL, httpResponseCode, requestMethod, referrer, headers, res...

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Figure out how to prevent travis from sometimes timing out arangodb/arangojs

Travis sometimes seems to hit the 5000ms limit during various tests. I have no idea why and don't want to just bump the timeout for all test cases.

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Gzipped size output robertknight/webpack-bundle-size-analyzer

Would be great to add something like to the output to see real-world increases.

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Better progress feedback hpcc-systems/Visualization

Especially during initial load of dashboard with auto submitting forms...

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Create a performance regression benchmark AFASSoftware/maquette

We do not want to inadvertently cause the performance to drop when making modifications to maquette. Therefore we need a representative benchmark that we can run to see the performance impact of ea...

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