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add test that checks if structure has changed, and fails gracefully electron-userland/electron-packager

because if .e.g @zcbenz makes a change to the layout of the files inside `` in the atom-shell zip it will currently have silent failures in this module

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version deprecation notice does not mention the CLI flag electron-userland/electron-packager

In the Electron Slack channel, there have been several questions about why `--electronVersion` does not work. It occurred to me today it was because that the deprecation message for the `version` o...

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derefSymlinks docs should be clearer electron-userland/electron-packager

It should say that it's specific to the copying of the application itself, not the base Electron prebuilt package.

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Integration tests yeoman/update-notifier


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add electron mac, linux and windows zips as test cases maxogden/extract-zip was caused by not testing the linux and windows electron zips, we should add them to the test suite. I tested the mac one manually but it should ge...

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Promisify the API yeoman/insight

And do a major bump. ## From

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Add Ejecta support for iOS native apps excaliburjs/Excalibur

We can use Ejecta for native app packaging on iOS: We would need a Mac to do this with Xcode. I think @eonarheim has one? Look into [CocoonJS](

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Broken exports example openlayers/ol-cesium

The exports.html is broken, when tilted, clicking on lookAt and other camera functions will have strange effects like going inside terrain, rolling, zooming... It might be caused by a wrong transfo...

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Definition file d.ts openlayers/ol-cesium

There isn't any definition file available for typescript projects. As a matter of fact, we cannot require the ol3cesium module.

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Use requestAnimationFrame openlayers/ol-cesium

instead of `goog.async.AnimationDelay`

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Handle default style openlayers/ol-cesium

OL3 has a default style for layer / feature without an explicit one. See ``.

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Guide for benchmarking this crate whatisinternet/Inflector

The benchmarks are all in place. Just needs docs on how to do it. Steps might include: 1. rustup 2. changing to nightly rust 3. commands for running benchmarks `cargo bench --features=unstable` 4....

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Darwin: Save/Restore extended metadata restic/restic

At the moment, restic only saves the most basic meta data under darwin. This issue tracks the progress on saving and restoring extended meta data.

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Restore docstrings lost during the solver redesign angr/claripy

We lost all the docstrings on `claripy.Frontend`. It would be great to restore them, and propagate them through the inheritance tree to the various Solvers (in `claripy/`).

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Search index digidem/osm-p2p-db

We need a way of searching for existing features by name (i.e. value of the tag `name:`), preset name, or potentially the value of any tag. A place to start might be [search-index](https://github....

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Implement Batch script stdin redirection better w0rp/ale

Currently, the Batch script for running some programs which do not accept stdin input uses `more > file` to send stdin text to a temporary file. This can add a newline to the end of the file, and c...

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chunkeq sequences c-cube/ocaml-containers efficient double-ended queue (imperative and functional)

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must click images first to select before dragging publiclab/Leaflet.DistortableImage

Preferred behavior is that you can just grab and drag images without 2 clicks. This happens because the Draggable instantiation and initialization occurs on the same event as the selecting/enablin...

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get Toolbar to continue to appear on Firefox Android and Chrome Android after deselecting and re-... publiclab/Leaflet.DistortableImage

Toolbars are not showing after the first image on Firefox Android, and Chrome Android. To reproduce: 1. [open example]( in F...

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Create a Graphics-Friendly DockerFile robdmc/pandashells

I would like this project to have a Dockerfile. On my wish list would be the following: - container has full Pandashells install - container shares a directory with host machine - Enable the conta...

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Andablog pagination settings WimpyAnalytics/django-andablog

Came across this in one of the forks. Seems like a pretty fundamental feature to have. It would just ne...

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"ENOTFOUND Package karma-coverage not found" error on bower update publiclab/Leaflet.DistortableImage

``` bower karma-coverage#^0.2.7 ENOTFOUND Package karma-coverage not found ``` Hmm, was karma-coverage renamed? I found this on running `bower update` just now.

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Author and editors group checking while viewing a draft WimpyAnalytics/django-andablog

This is an enhancement to the feature that allows a user to view an unpublished entry on their site when they are logged in as the author of the entry. The entry displays a 'draft' badge when they ...

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add distorted full-res download via webgl-distort module publiclab/Leaflet.DistortableImage

Client-side (webgl) distortion for full-resolution download, as implemented in MapKnitter:

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ResultSet\HydratingResultSetTest::testToArray fails on HHVM matryoshka-model/matryoshka

``` 1) MatryoshkaTest\Model\ResultSet\HydratingResultSetTest::testToArray Failed asserting that two arrays are equal. --- Expected +++ Actual @@ @@ Array ( 0 => Array ( - 'id' => 1 - ...

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aesthetics gallantlab/cottoncandy

ideas for logo: i'm leaning towards bright pink cotton candy thing ...

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Implement Proof Puzzle Game for Cur wilbowma/cur

Polymorphic Blocks: Formalism-Inspired UI for Structured Connectors (CHI 2015) with Stephen R. Foster and William G. Griswold Without more research, ma...

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tbtool: Show the output of the build process when doing 'run' or 'install' tingbot/tingbot-python

Would be possible with the 'shell' functionality in #41 to pipe this back to the calling shell.

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tbtool: make the copy smarter when doing 'run' tingbot/tingbot-python

For example, don't delete the venv directory, and don't copy files that haven't changed, a la rsync. This would improve run-debug-run round trip times, especially on large apps or apps with requir...

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