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Documentation needed regarding nyc config key priority istanbuljs/babel-plugin-istanbul

Different sources indicate that the `nyc` config key can be read from either `package.json` or `.babelrc`. In the case that it is defined in both, which takes priority? This derived from a side c...

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The plugin "istanbul" didn't export a Plugin instance while parsing file istanbuljs/babel-plugin-istanbul

I'm trying to use this plugin in my project, but when I do I get the following errors: ``` 12 09 2016 16:38:19.525:ERROR [framework.browserify]: bundle error 12 09 2016 16:38:19.526:ERROR [framew...

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Make inability to deal with 'first commits' more obvious in the docs gitpython-developers/GitPython

GitPython cannot gracefully handle the following situations: - empty repository - diffing of the first commit against the (_implied_) empty tree It would be nice to make this more obvious in the f...

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Improve git command to allow caller to configure handling of single-char options gitpython-developers/GitPython

This means the flag [shown here]( should be controllable by the caller of any git command. That way, the issue describ...

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Diagnose packager exit failure react-community/create-react-native-app

Sometimes the port held by the manifest server or the React Native packager doesn't get released on exit. I suspect that this may be due to me being abusive in my dev environment, but it would be g...

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Print regular `start` info when running `run ios` as well react-community/create-react-native-app

We should still display a QR code and URL, along with information about downloading the app to a physical device.

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setIn with empty array causes stack overflow rtfeldman/seamless-immutable

**Description** Calling `Immutable().setIn` with an empty path as the first argument causes a stack overflow. **Steps to reproduce** Execute something like `Immutable({foo: 'bar'}).setIn([], {foo:...

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Fix favicon for dart-lang/linter

Playing around with docs for rules over here: and I can't seem to get the `favicon` to be picked up. I put it here

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Do not allow use of NativePin on non-Raspberry Pi hardware RPi-Distro/python-gpiozero

NativePin is a great fallback for users without a pin library running gpiozero code on a Pi. However, it fails when running on a PC, and isn't worth even trying, given the hardware is not a Pi. ...

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Clones don't inherit pen color LLK/scratch-vm

Reported by a Scratcher in the forums: > I found a bug: clones don't inherit pen colour from their parents. It can be seen in [this project](, where the d...

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Smart Iteration Algorithms adamchainz/django-mysql

The current algorithm used by `SmartChunkedIterator` is currently restricted to the one from `pt-online-schema-change`, with filtering added. This works badly for really sparse distributions of res...

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approx_count can go further adamchainz/django-mysql

The `approx_count` function can be used to count `QuerySet`s other than the basic full-table ones it accepts at current. For example, you can get a reliable(-ish) approximate count on an index rang...

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Django memcached backend works with MySQL memcached plugin adamchainz/django-mysql

It should be checked that the django memcached backend works with the MySQL memcached plugin, and any missing tools provided. For example the django database cache backend has a `createcachetable` ...

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XMLField adamchainz/django-mysql

If feeling particularly sadistic, an `XMLField` could be implemented. MySQL has two functions - `ExtractValue`, and `UpdateXML` that can be used for ORM lookups/updates.

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Full text search support adamchainz/django-mysql

Django full text search support is very minimal, supporting only boolean mode. Full text search has several tweakable knobs and modes, and MySQL 5.6 adds InnoDB support. Probably most of these chan...

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Audit command adamchainz/django-mysql

There are a number of best practices / common mistakes I've seen with django and mysql. A check command could be useful for comparing the codebases and schemas, or even automatically running tools ...

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Fix the terrible functions examples adamchainz/django-mysql

The functions examples in the docs are all terribly non-specific and just use annotate. Django's manual has much clearer examples which also have some kind of rationalization behind them. Let's do ...

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GroupConcat deserialize to lists or sets adamchainz/django-mysql

It's kinda annoying that `GroupConcat` doesn't automatically split back into lists (or maybe sets when `distinct=True`) on the python side - 90% of the use cases require the user to do this manuall...

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Sakila demo project adamchainz/django-mysql

I want a repo to clone and run `vagrant up` in, which gives me a box running a specified django version + a specified database version (mysql 5.5/5.6/mariadb 5.5./...) with a small app that has the...

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Bit set field for storing 'user id presence' adamchainz/django-mysql

As per , it could be useful to have a bitfield that is optionally compressed, for storing large sets. Or maybe it could be a bloomfilter field...

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Re-entrant Lock adamchainz/django-mysql

A follow-up to #89 . Using MariaDB's `metadata_lock_info`, a re-entrant lock, like `threading.RLock`, could be implemented, by querying `INFORMATION_SCHEMA.metadata_lock_info` each time to determin...

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Add BitFlagField adamchainz/django-mysql

Follow-on from #128 - we could support a 64-bit flag field. Would be a rival to [`django-bitfield`]( which doesn't work well with MySQL anyway.

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Add docstrings to the database functions adamchainz/django-mysql

Django's DB functions have docstrings, we should have them too.

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show intersection of topics bmabey/pyLDAvis

This idea comes from @dbickson: "in case there are two clusters which have a joined intersection. Can you press on the intersection and then list all the keywords which appear in both clusters? " ...

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Support streaming updating of clusters scikit-learn-contrib/hdbscan

In principle this is quite easy: keep the minimal spanning tree, and given a new point, compute core distance, and add an edge to the spanning tree to connect the point. Now run a min spanning tree...

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Unused parameters being passed when wrapping dispatch ioof-holdings/redux-subspace

There are some parameters being passed when wrapping the `dispatch` function which can be cleaned up. See [here](

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[beta] Fix <code> formatting for "Regular Expressions: Find Characters with Lazy Matching" freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp

Challenge [find-characters-with-lazy-matching]( has an issue. As shown in the image below, the f...

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Add support for SPI Slave API to CC2538 Platform openthread/openthread

Now that we have an API for a SPI slave interface, we should add support for it to the CC2538 platform.

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document more.pathtool and more.whytool morepath/morepath

We are gaining a few tools that help with analysis of Morepath application. We should document these in the main docs so people can find their way to them.

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Make nba_py PEP8 compliant seemethere/nba_py

# Overview nba_py currently has a lot of PEP8 violations and eventually we should add `flake8` to the gate job so that we can adhere to PEP8 standards # How * An autolinter like `autopep8` can...

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