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[rviz_rendering] Scaling issue on Ubuntu + Gnome ros2/rviz

When maximising the window the render window adjusts fine. But after unmaximising the render window does not adjust to fit the smaller window. ![29915093-053eac80-8e3b-11e7-87d7-6e50af40361b](h...

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Conflict between two yaml-cpp installations ros2/rviz

I'm not sure this is the right place for this issue. If not, maybe someone can point me to the right place. I have ROS1 and ROS2 installed simultaneously. I'm using yaml-cpp in my program. RO...

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Timeout to download Ogre is too short ros2/rviz

I am trying to build rviz_ogre_vendor and it has to download a 120MB zip file. The max I can get from github release site seems to be about 200kb/s which gives an ETA of about 7 minutes. I think th...

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juliet - how to specify reference PacificBiosciences/minorseq

Hi, I can use Juliet without a refererence without issues. However I do not know how to specify a reference and really need to use one - human mitochondria. Command example: /mnt/ngsnfs/...

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