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Wikipedia page about Mir and GLAS libmir/mir

I have added Mir to the second [BLAS list]( and the [List_of_numerical_libraries](

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improve documentation Dobiasd/FunctionalPlus

Some functions (like `fold_left`) do already have a short textual description of what they do. For some functions this perhaps is not really needed, since the type signature or the example are suf...

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(meta) annotation per sequence id wilzbach/msa

Rob: The display of meta information on our current alignment viewer is done as text columns to the left of the sequence IDs. The columns can be shown/hidden by using checkboxes. I'm not sure if to...

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Add ndslice and Mir to libmir/mir

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debugview++ fails to capture loader snaps CobaltFusion/DebugViewPP

pingback from I was trying to diagnose loading problems on a customer machine, used GFlags to raise 'ShowSnaps'...

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Add dependencies requirement to the rpm and the deb Basile-z/dexed

also maybe for the setup program

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Console widget Basile-z/dexed

It could even be a new widget that allows to host any external GUI program. Preset in the applications options (e.g process name, command line, etc.), 1 preset = 1 widget (not always the same windo...

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c standard library doesn't work on macOS atilaneves/dpp

Everything complains about not being able to find the stdint types, e.g. `Error parsing '/usr/local/include/nanomsg/nn.h': error: unknown type name 'uint64_t'` even a simple file that just does ...

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ufcs chains / pipelines dlang-community/dfmt

Breaking this off from as it's only one part of that. This pattern is really very common in D: ``` D auto blah = myRange .myCleverAlgorithm!(a...

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C#/.Net/Mono bindings pothosware/SoapySDR

We are interested in doing other language bindings for SoapySDR so that anyone can get involved in SDR using their favourite language, tools, and libraries. We may already have a volunteer to tackl...

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Support for ADALM-PLUTO SDR? pothosware/SoapySDR

Any chance this new SDR could get a SoapyPluto ?? $99, hackable range 70-6000Mhz TX and RX.

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VS 2017RC compilation errors rollbear/trompeloeil

VS 2017RC does not accept the self test program `compiling_tests.cpp`. The compilation error on `.IN_SEQUENCE(seq1, seq2)` indicates a preprocessing error, but preprocessing to a file reveals code ...

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Populate Real Type Functionality Samuel-Tyler/fast_ber

Real is the floating point type of ASN.1. A skeleton of the Real type has been added (include/fast_ber/ber_types/Real.hpp). Populating this skeleton will allow users to use the Real type in their A...

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Linux Package / Binary doens't work Basile-z/dexed

Kubuntu 17.10 here. Launching coedit from console doesn't give any message. It stay freezed with cpu 100% and slowly increasing ram usage. I tried both .deb package and binary (3.5.1)

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Design Boost.Histogram logo boostorg/histogram

It would be nice to have a nifty logo.

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