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Getting started section and links open-guides/og-aws

Link to a couple of the best articles / getting started guides Also key resources like awesome-aws, maybe also other ideas like meetup groups

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Dynamic change of expanded state awendland/angular-json-tree

Any thoughts on having the start-expanded change dynamically on a button click or toggle? I am seeing if I can get something that working. Just curious if this feature has been thought about or par...

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Add the search features on angular-json-tree awendland/angular-json-tree

The JOSN Tree will populate with search-box ## Expected Behavior The JOSN Tree will populate with search-box On key-up event of search-box the search text will be highlighted from tree ...

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GitHub Enterprise needs sales leadership around Inner Source Software nyeates/GitHubEmployement

GitHub Inc. has an open req. for position ["Enterprise Sales Representative (Remote - US Southeast)"]( Obviously it aims to sell more G...

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How to find more signers and distribute XP? DashMNGuild/DashMNGuild

This is unlike other guilds, in that we're trying to maintain the value of GDASH, rather than develop some IP. More importantly, the XP is currently 100% in one member's control. How should XP be d...

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Issue another coin? DashMNGuild/DashMNGuild

Since the GDASH coin is intended to be hard backed, meta-work on this project must be rewarded some other way. This also affects #1 on the issue of XP. Anyway, should this project create a second (...

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Expand third-party visibility and cost management services open-guides/og-aws

List of third-party tools is too short. CloudCheckr, CloudHealth, Cloudability, Cloudaware, OpsClarity, etc. Many listed here:

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Good boto3 examples open-guides/og-aws

Link to some good examples of using boto3 for automation, for the #boto section.

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Flag HIPAA-compliant services open-guides/og-aws

Flag services that are HIPAA-compliant - one idea would be to add a column in the "AWS Product Maturity and Releases" section.

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kube-ops-view LappleApple/feedmereadmes requested by @hjacobs

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erlang_postmarkapp review request LappleApple/feedmereadmes Hi @emmanix2002, here's where I've added your project. Thanks for submitting it!

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Working With ControllerAs Syntax awendland/angular-json-tree

It appears that this module does not work within a controller using the ControllerAs syntax correct? The directive simply does not seem to bind to an object with the vm. Example: http://codepen.i...

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Editable value awendland/angular-json-tree

Would it be too much work to ask if it is possible to create a tree where the values are editable? And to switch between editable states with an for example "editable" attribute? By the way, gre...

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Add section for "Getting started with JavaScript" probot/

From > JavaScript is one point of friction that I've heard people often cite in getting started with Probot. I’d love to include some links for quick...

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feat: compatibility with cobrapy SysBioChalmers/yeast-GEM

### Description of the issue: We should include compatibility for cobrapy, so ideally the model can be fully used by python users. In the following what needs to be done: - [ ] **To be able to ...

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Example question issue githubschool/sleepy-koala

@hectorsector what does this mean? ``` ~/g/scrap ❯❯❯ git status fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git ```

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Create Contribution Guide for Editing Video drashti4/localisationofschool

Explain how to edit put recorded audio to video.By using openshot or any other Opensource software.

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Test the Sailwinch abersailbot/Kitty

We need to test the sail winch, this should be a simple matter of hooking up power and running sweep.

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Write a great lesson plan for a in-person game session itidigitalbr/privacy-board-game

How an educator can run a game play session in a meetup or classroom? [Let's create a teaching activity like this](

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Open Source rainsworth/ROSA

**[Open Source](** Software where the source code is available free of cost with terms that allow dissemination and adaptation. We are seeking ...

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Requiring two-factor authentication maintenance-guidelines-for-organization/guide

This guideline that add new member as Owner. So, maintainer === owner. Owner Permission levels is highest. It contains security risk. - [Permission levels for an organization - User Documenta...

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Read Over Reproducibility SeedscapeEcology/Onboarding

Any corrections, clarifications, anything else to add?

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trashy LappleApple/feedmereadmes

Saw your article on It's not on Github, but Gitlab accepts Github logins:

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Chemfiles readme LappleApple/feedmereadmes

Hi ! Thank you very much for proposing this, it will be very useful to the whole open-source world. Could you give a look at the readme of the chemfiles library:

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Cool gif showcasing the cool features of JabRef JabRef/

Something similar to which showcases special features, e.g., the Integrity Check, DOI search and get Document by DOI feature, etc.

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Create myelin reading list WhitakerLab/WhitakerLabProjectManagement

Inspired by the [Exploring the future of myelin research in Cambridge]( workshop on May 11th, I decided to make a reading lis...

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Support for Angular 2/4 awendland/angular-json-tree

Any plan to support angular 2/4?

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Change of namespace opentk/LearnOpenTK

The current namespace (LearnOpenGL_TK) does not match the github repository and does not make a lot of sense (LearnOpenGL_ToolKit?). I think the namespace should be changed to LearnOpenTK

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