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Data API things to document SpongePowered/SpongeDocs

This is more of a rolling issue that I'm going to be maintaining and some brain dumping on how certain aspects of Data API (and maybe other aspects of Sponge's systems, like the registry system) sh...

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Extend custom events page with an explanation how to use event-impl-gen SpongePowered/SpongeDocs

[event-impl-gen]( can be used to automatically generate event implementations from event interfaces at compile time. That saves plugin developers fro...

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Audio does not play on iOS. drasbeck/GNAT

Audio does not play on iOS devices, reason being that sounds in webpages must be actively activated by the user. Not sure I can find a way around that.

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Low fidelity "animation" in the progressbar drasbeck/GNAT

Looks bad if the timer is set to a low total time. Will result in big jumps on the progressbar. Made this way to conserve CPU, and thus battery. Would be awesome to implement animation.

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Add Code of Conduct gcdr/book-project

### In Progress - If anyone has a suggestion? Sure, willing to listen. - Expect a 2--3 days.

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Snippet to list changes (diff) of a specific file between two commits (or branches) k88hudson/git-flight-rules

Could you please add a snippet to list changes (diff) of an specific file between two commits (or branches)?

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Need advice about how to divide this roadmap into some groups. ZuzooVn/machine-learning-for-software-engineers

From the near future machine learning developer's point of view, this roadmap can be divided into some groups: Newbie, Explorer, Adventurer, Trailblazer At the moment, I think all of the resources...

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Add 45 GitHub Issues Dos and Don'ts freeCodeCamp/how-to-contribute-to-open-source

The article is about: - Reporting issues - Requesting features - Pull requests - Being a decent human being Not directly involved in "contributing" to an open source project but I think it...

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license of password data berzerk0/Probable-Wordlists

> "This is released without license, but also without intent for commercial use." This means that no commercial distribution can ship this password list as part of the default password cracking ...

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Add badges to label PR friendliness freeCodeCamp/how-to-contribute-to-open-source

Add the following to the README ``` # Welcome newbie open source contributors! [![Pull Requests Welcome](](http://makeapul...

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Remove unnecessary spaces in listing freeCodeCamp/how-to-contribute-to-open-source

## Issue In the README and under the listing for the Do's and Don'ts, there are unnecessary spaces in the description. ![image](

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Add time length to "GitHub Flow" freeCodeCamp/how-to-contribute-to-open-source

Add time length to video link to indicate how long video is. Add to the effect of ```diff - - [GitHub Flow]( - GitHub talk on how to make a pull req...

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Migrate non-format to-dos to GitHub edamontology/edamontology

From the "spreadsheet from hell"

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Überflüssige Dateien, z. B. im Ordner wie-geht-studium FachschaftMathPhys/Ersti-Info

Wenn ich das richtig sehe, werden die Dateien "was_ist_eine_uebungsgruppe.tex" und "lehrveranstaltungen.tex" gar nicht verwendet und überschneiden sich inhaltlich und wortwörtlich mit den tatsächli...

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More proposed Operation refactorings edamontology/edamontology

1. Deprecate *Protein sequence comparison* ( and *Nucleic acid sequence comparison* ( which are only distinct by the ty...

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09-paradigms: migrar ejercicios coi a formato LMS Laboratoria/bootcamp

En la primera iteración del curso `09-paradigms` se usaron ejercicios en formato [workshopper]( y ahora tenemos que _migrar_ estos ejercicios a este repo,...

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Document DamageEntityEvent Usage SpongePowered/SpongeDocs

Currently, `DamageEntityEvent` is rather ["large"]( for it's use as it's called for any variety of reas...

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Add a code of conduct springernature/frontend-playbook

The Contributor Covenant is used by over 40,000 open source projects (including Pa11y!)

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Complete Road Map Exercise sparcopen/Open-Action-Kit

Complete the [Roadmap Exercise](

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Update Content Security Policies jamstatic/jamstatic-fr

font-src: - [ ] (we better host the fonts locally) default-src: - [ ] (comments could be removed) img-src: - [x] * - [x] *

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Planetary Nebulae magnitudes mattiaverga/OpenNGC

Planetary Nebulae magnitudes available from SIMBAD are crazy: M57 mag. 15; M27 mag 13.75... maybe are referred to the central star? I need to find a better source for that (plnebulae table from ...

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Improve sections' front page consistency OWASP/wstg

**What's the issue?** Consistency currently varies for section pages, such as 4.5 and 4.8. Some section pages have a table of contents while others have a lengthy page giving a summary and other...

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Update links in Appx.B OWASP/wstg

**What's the issue?** Some links in this section still use HTTP and should be changed to HTTPS. Three links seem to not resolve. **How do we solve it?** Update the appropriate links. The t...

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Improve Translations Guide freeCodeCamp/TranslationExpansion

This refers to the older issue #565 New points to be addressed that were apparently missed while closing the older issue - Add GIF for PR Creation - Add Guidelines on Clear naming for PR Creation...

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Brazilian Portuguese translation of Responsive Design with Bootstrap freeCodeCamp/TranslationExpansion

- [ ] Use Responsive Design with Bootstrap Fluid Containers Complete - [ ] Make Images Mobile Responsive Complete - [ ] Center Text with Bootstrap Complete - [ ] Create a Bootstrap Button Comple...

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French translation of Data Visualization freeCodeCamp/TranslationExpansion

Refer older issue - [ ] Data Visualization with D3 - [ ] JSON APIs and AJAX - [ ] Data Visualization Projects - [ ] Claim Your Data Visu...

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French translation of Dynamic Web Application Projects freeCodeCamp/TranslationExpansion

@atjonathan commented on [Sat Mar 19 2016]( - [ ] Build a Voting App - [ ] Build a Nightlife Coordination App - [ ] Chart the Stock Market...

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Syllabus vs agenda Laboratoria/curricula-mobile

When designing and executing courses we always struggle to "fit" the _syllabus_ into the _agenda_... this means that we think up a roadmap of topics that we expect the class to follow along as the ...

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