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[documentation] Looking for documentation about implementing AudioSinks eclipse/smarthome

While looking into openhab/openhab2-addons#2303 I was looking for some documentation about how to implement `AudioSinks` in a binding. I could only find example code in this Repo or other bindings....

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Tenant API Component eclipse/hono

Hi Hono Devs, In a corporate set up you often want to operate hono as a shared service among different tenants. The tenants in such an environment usually do not share all the same privileges. ...

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Adapt Hono Auth to also support authorization of enMasse clients eclipse/hono

The Qpid Dispatch Router used by enMasse is able to delegate authentication of clients to a another component (very similar to the way that Hono services delegate to Hono Auth for that purpose). ...

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Migrate DS XMLs to DS Annotations eclipse/smarthome

Since #3236 we now have the ability to use Declarative Service Annotations. For some services this was done already when passing by. It would be good the also migrate the others.

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Allow max message size to be defined for Hono Messaging eclipse/hono

Currently, we have no way of configuring a maximum payload size for messages being processed by Hono Messaging. This, however is important to make sure that we do not run into memory problems when ...

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[astro] Time drift on positional job eclipse/smarthome

The sun elevation is supposed to be calculated at a regular frequency (default is every 300s). However, due to the use of `scheduleWithFixedDelay` for the positional job, which schedules the job st...

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Move groovy unit tests to JUnit, mockito & hamcrest eclipse/smarthome

In addition to the move to Java 8 with #2926 we want to move the existing groovy unit tests to a pure Java setup with JUnit, [mockito]( and [hamcrest](

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BasicUI: Feature Request for optional Title Bar eclipse/smarthome

For some of my sitemaps it would be nice not to have a title bar displayed. Maybe an option can be introduced to ommit the title bar. So instead of `sitemap demo label="My home automation" {.....

Created - 6 comments - enhancement help wanted UI-BasicUI

[Hue Binding]: add support for Sensor API eclipse/smarthome

This issue is cloned from since Hue Binding is maintained in eclipse/smarthome repository. Original issue description by @regnets > I pu...

Created - 9 comments - Binding-Hue enhancement help wanted

Log is filled with errors when using a Favorite with Ampersand in Sonos Binding eclipse/smarthome

Hi, when you specify an Sonos-Favorite you want to play which contains an Ampersand (&), you get lots of erros in the logs and console: `sendCommand(Sonos_Favorite,"Entspannte Rock-Klassiker & ...

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Support for gateways reporting data on behalf of other devices eclipse/hono

For example, devices which are proxied by an HTTP server (or the typical Gateway pattern for non-ip devices) Currently it looks like a 1:1 mapping between auth-id and device-id I understand t...

Created - 9 comments - Device Registry enhancement help wanted MQTT Adapter REST Adapter

REST: get things of type eclipse/smarthome

There is currently no method to get all things of a special type only (or I didn't find them). We are using setups that "get all things" call results into a > 2 MiB response. Sometimes we need to...

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Create OSGi metadata for Hono artifacts eclipse/hono

It would be helpful if Hono artifacts contain OSGi manifest metdata. This could be achieved by using the maven-bundle-plugin.

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Support Apache Kafka as underlying messaging infrastructure eclipse/hono

Hono does not strive to implement a new message broker but instead tries to leverage existing messaging infrastructure to meet its quality goals. It seems reasonable to assume that the amount of te...

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Add support for conditional access based on user role eclipse/smarthome

migrated from Bugzilla [#423548]( status NEW severity _enhancement_ in component _Core_ for _---_ Reported in version _unspecified_ on platform ...

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