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Natural keys for many entities IonosatMicro/promis-backend

Importers need to locate correct devices/parameters/channels etc. Relying on UI-visible strings is risky, especially if translations are considered. Need to implement the natural keys in the form o...

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Functions ⇒ Classes? IonosatMicro/promis-backend

Current implementation of update check requires 2 functions from the implementor's side: - "check for updates and yield their dataids" - "take a dataid and fetch that" If we are to extend we a...

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Write unit test(s) to ensure API Umbrella user is created when Apinf user signs up apinf/platform

When Apinf users sign up, we are 1. creating a corresponding user on API Umbrella 2. getting a returned user object 3. creating an ApiUmbrellaUser in Apinf 4. connecting the users via an ID field....

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[HSL] Data for Bandwidth charts apinf/platform

1. How to get data for Bandwidth charts? (URL, documentation) 2. Does it suggested that data can be aggregated on the server side by date, by topic? 3. What do "Incoming" and "Outgoing" definiti...

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Learning Node Red apinf/platform

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Data registra partnerov verejneho sektora slovensko-digital/harvester.ecosystem

Toto by sa hodilo mat u nas.$metadata Problematicke vyzera byt na prvy pohlad sledovanie zmien. Lebo tento end...

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Data EKS slovensko-digital/harvester.ecosystem

Potahat data z do Datahubu. - [ ] Zakazky - [ ] Zmluvne vztahy - [ ] Zakazky a zmluvne vztahy - [ ] Referencie - [ ] Kontraktacne ponuky - [ ] Op...

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Mikroobstarávanie: Dáta ITMS2014+ slovensko-digital/harvester.ecosystem

Inštrukcie k funkcionalite sú tu: - Uchadzaci zaslu cenove ponuky ako verejny komentar na issue na githube. ...

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Generomak - edge plasma specification cherab/core

Following issue #209, we need an importable edge plasma specification. The example data could come from a representative 2D fluid code such as SOLPS-ITER or it could be completely hypothetical. The...

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