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[doc] Add some pointers on how to start with Coq coq/coq

"How do I start using Coq" is a really frequent FAQ these days. This work in progress tries to address that more prominently.

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Coverity scan TOCTOU failure in sysctl probe OpenSCAP/openscap

Performing a CoverityScan on OpenSCAP-1.2.9 returns the following TOCTOU check warning: ``` 46. openscap-1.2.9/src/OVAL/probes/unix/sysctl.c:158: toctou: Calling function "fopen" that uses "mibpat...

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use recommended sd-hwdb instead of udev-hwdb pyudev/pyudev

From libudev docs: Furthermore, libudev also exports legacy APIs that should not be used by new software (and as such are not documented as part of this manual). This includes the ha...

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Consider a method called get_receive_buffer_size() pyudev/pyudev

There is no corresponding method in libudev, but `udev_monitor_set_receive_buffer_size()` calls `setsockopt()` more or less directly.

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Fix test_fpe for Cygwin libcheck/check

The test_fpe test currently fails on Cygwin. Instead of the test process receiving a SIGFPE it instead fails with a SIGSEGV. The reason is not yet know. However, attempting a simple program that in...

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Improve verification process from the UI duplicati/duplicati

The current verification samples 3 remote files, but does not provide simple feedback on the results. It would be helpful if the UI stored the last time the backup was fully verified, and hinted...

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be update mottosso/be

### goal To synchronise a running project with it's source configuration. Suggested by @hommes-doutant [here]( ### implementation Updating an existing pro...

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Remove conditional code that depends on DotSpatialProjections compiler directive SharpMap/SharpMap

With the introduction of `GeoAPI.ICoordinateSystemServices` interface the need for the `DotSpatalProjections` compiler directive has vanished. We need to reflect that in the code.

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TypeKeys doesn't work for GTK controls. Alphanumeric chars are not typed. vasily-v-ryabov/pywinauto-64

This is a copy of issue 17 on google code repo: 1. Use some GTK controls. I used Open file dialog in MonoDevelop 2. Assume cursor is in the p...

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Tabbed Console (Parallel Jobs) erincinci/magepanel

MageConsole page should support tabbed view for multiple console output from multiple projects or environments

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Unit test for input API? zenozeng/p5.js-svg

![2015-05-30 00 12 23](

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English reading clustbench/network-tests2

We need man who will read our documentation and than rewrite it in nice English. I'm very afraid that our English is not well.

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New logotype clustbench/network-tests2

At this moment we use PARUS project logotype, but concept has change dramatically. So we need new logotype. It sould be in image in vector format, for example .eps.

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Unit testing DavidRockin/Podiya

Make podiya use unit testing

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compile with gfortran stineb/sofun

Compilation with gfortran (profile 'gfor') does not work (while compilation with pgf95, profile 'pgf' works). Error message is 'gfortran: fatal error: no input files'. Looks like a small and trivia...

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Automatic rebuild on Travis/AppVeyor when new NW.js/Electron version released RSATom/WebChimera.js

Don't sure how make it better... ## <bountysource-plugin> --- Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!](

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Standalone Mode lunarcloud/script-dialog

Calling to it like one would dialog, as opposed to an included script via **source** Would be a nice feature.

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Update C style Funmungus/Libmacro-Legacy

Update source to C styled code. Especially declare all local variables at the top of all functions, and all global or static variables at the top of files.

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Centralize native structures Funmungus/Libmacro-Legacy

Key, MoveCursor, Echo, and Scroll have common elements for any platform. Sacrifice efficiency by localizing the structure, forcing platform requirements to be created in send functions.

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Detalhes dos deputados que não estão atualmente titulares nazareno/dados-da-camara-federal

Além dos 513 que estão titulares em uma data, precisamos dos dados dos que participaram em votações no passado.

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ToDo Diluv/Diluv-Client

- [ ] Download Mods/Modpacks from the server - [ ] Generate Server Zips from Modpacks - [ ] Export Modpack Zip - [ ] Optional Install Files - [ ] Custom Themes

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Get delegations of a Net resource Dormilich/arindb-client

The API offers a way to get the delegation(s) that correspond to a given Net resource but I have no idea how to implement that without using a separate method (which I don’t want to use since I cou...

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Complete Base Theme apocist/uniformity

Need to provide a basic 'theme' for the blank slate to be somewhat pleasant to look at. Intentionally needs to be 'basic'. Also...what is the web design portion going to be called? Themes? Skins? ...

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devs 보강하기 keyeast/cshians

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Inaccurate description in Friendly Error System wiki processing/p5.js

#### Most appropriate sub-area of p5.js? - [ ] Color - [ ] Core - [ ] Data - [ ] Events - [ ] Image - [ ] IO - [ ] Math - [ ] Typography - [ ] Utilities - [ ] WebGL - [x] Wiki In th...

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Port package from legacy biojava to current biojava series biojava/biojava

Feature request from Scott Markel: Would you please have a look at porting the ABITrace class to BioJava 4.2? The BioJava 1.9.1 class path is see also #535

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make sndfile-play work on MacOS erikd/libsndfile

The code for MacOS < 10.8 was removed long ago, the code for >= 10.8 is not written.

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