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Localization FranklinDM/HornSide

All the other language files from LongBar have been removed because it can't be maintained. The localization engine is still in place, but only English is the available language. You can help tr...

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ShowNativeView causes forms navigation to stop working jakkaj/Xamling-Core

If you use the sample to pop up a native storyboard, then navigate to the send screen, then close the storyboard, then try and navigate around the Forms MD view, nothing works. You cannot nav betwe...

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IDateTime doesn't implement IComparable jozefizso/SystemWrapper

I was using linq with DateTime objects, now converted to IDateTime, but ordering them didn't work due to IComparable not being implemented for IDateTime. The original DateTime object inherits fr...

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AbsHoudini tests need to be enabled and fixed boogie-org/boogie

The tests in Test/AbsHoudini are currently disabled because some of them are broken. This is bad because we aren't tracking regressions introduced for this feature. ``` UNRESOLVED: Boogie :: AbsHo...

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How use MediaUriPlayer without MediaUriElement? Sascha-L/WPF-MediaKit

Hello, I need to play .m3u8 files from WindowsService. Now I'm using something like this: ```cs private static MediaUriElement _playerElement; static void Main(string[] args) { var threa...

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Invalid Digital Signature rzander/sccmclictr

Good morning, I am trying to install the latest Client Center but I am getting the following: A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file ... has an invalid digital s...

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Version 3.0 progress roadkillwiki/roadkill

Hi, just wondering what the progress is for v3. Is it under development?

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XPlatformMenus Add WPF Example MvvmCross/MvvmCross-Samples

Add an example showing a custom hamburger menu presenter for WPF.

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Request - Clispy integration if possible? rzander/sccmclictr

Hi @rzander , Back in the hay day, you wrote the earlier version of the client center for SCCM for 2007, and one tool that was awesome in there was the clispy integration you had, do you have an...

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Associate function settings not clear demianrasko/Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools

I have a N:N relation between Entities Unsubscribe and Unsubscribe List. I want a workflow to run on Unsubscribe to add a specific Unsubscribe List. I did set the settings like in your documenta...

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Can the Get-CSOjbect command return all attributes of the object? lithnet/miis-powershell

Hi Ryan, I had scenario where I needed to get a copy of all the CS objects and their attributes. I tried Get-CSObject with the -RDN switch, but doesn't look like the Get-CSObject commandlet re...

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Improve GUI, use html-page instead of standard grid AngelaIp/aras-image-uploader-for-tech-docs

At the moment every time a new 'Upload Images' Item is created when adding new Images. But this Item isn´t needed anymore after file upload. Instead of the standard grid view maybe a html page wo...

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Slow play back NickeManarin/ScreenToGif

Hi there, Thanks for a great product. The playback in both record and cam, is a little slower than real time. Have I done something wrong, or is there a setting I should change please? Than...

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[Feature request] Copy GIF animations to clipboard NickeManarin/ScreenToGif

I'd like to be able to quickly copy/paste animations into Github -- currently, the clipboard content seems to contain an image only. As Nicke explained to me, this may not be possible to impleme...

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Pushing HTML to the wiki roadkillwiki/roadkill

Hi, I was just wondering if it wsa possible to push content to the roadkill wiki. I was thinking of using roadkill as an intranet site for all of our code documentation (generated by sphinx). Is th...

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Missing Methods on IEnvironment jozefizso/SystemWrapper

Main ones of note are ExpandEnvironmentVariables and GetFolderPath but the other ones are missing too.

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Update Child Records: How to use the actual record as value to be set demianrasko/Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools

Hi Damian, please help me on #47: I want to walk through all sub accounts and set the customized lookup field [new_companygroupid] with the actual account which in this case is the parent accoun...

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Qualify Lead to Contact demianrasko/Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools

### Expected behavior and actual behavior. I'm trying to convert a lead to a contact. ### Steps to reproduce the problem (screenshots are really usefull) In my workflow, I receive the followin...

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Needs localizations NullDesk/ticketdesk

This issue contains an ongoing list of new resource files, and resource files with new English text. These need to have equivalent translations for the other supported languages (pt-BR, etc.). We...

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Feature Request - MvxRecyclerView should support incremental loading MvvmCross/MvvmCross-AndroidSupport

MvxRecyclerView should support incremental loading (fetching new items) by scrolling to the end of list. I propose adding binding such as local:MvxBind="ItemSource SomeObservableItemsSource; Incre...

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Package Id not listed giansalex/Php-Nuget-Server

I have a strange behavior. When I query packages from server VS2017 seem not receive package Id. I have two packages on server: ![image](

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Clicking not working when recording Inkscape NickeManarin/ScreenToGif

Clicking on buttons, menus, object, etc. sometimes does not work when recording Inkscape. See attached gif and notice the yellow highlights indicating clicking, but the buttons are not pressed. ...

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Crash when opening webcam viewier NickeManarin/ScreenToGif

I get a crash when going to the webcam view from the start window: ``` System.AccessViolationException occurred HResult=0x80004003 Message=Attempted to read or write protected memory. Thi...

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No N:N association is created demianrasko/Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools

I have created two custom entities; event and event participant to test if the workflow is useful to associate an event and a contact directly (N:N). I have created two workflows: 1. 1) That trigg...

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Android Marshmallow Support? aritchie/biometrics

I am thinking we could swap out the samsung stuff for the official stuff? Thoughts?

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Board with touchscreen not drawing as intended NickeManarin/ScreenToGif

Hello, I was just trying out the board function of your software and noticed something weird. When I draw something on the board using the mouse, i can actually see the drawing of the single str...

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