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Add Revised Accented Character Support for Na-Dené (Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit) Languages adobe-fonts/source-serif-pro

TITLE Add Revised Accented Character Support for Na-Dené (Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit) Languages ATTACHMENT Na-Dené Characters.png DESCRIPTION The Na-Dené (Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit) family of langu...

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Sinhala font packages for GNU/Linux systems mooniak/abhaya-libre-font

There is a lack of Sinhala fonts on GNU/Linux systems. `lklug` font has not seen updates in years and our effort to maintain it was never realized. We need to figure out the best way to distrib...

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Support for Windows? NerdyPepper/scientifica

I love the font running on my Linux laptop but I really wish if it can come to Windows as it appears to be an easy process. Is it coming anytime soon?

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Illustrator cursor is too big djrrb/Bungee

Getting a weird issue in Illustrator where the cursor and selection gets way larger than it should. ![messages image 2188411056](

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Small caps variant chrismsimpson/Metropolis

Hi @chrismsimpson, thank you for putting out this font - it looks great! I was wondering if you have considered creating Small Caps variant of the font as well?

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Interpolation problems (kinks) tphinney/science-gothic

This is to serve as a placeholder and collection bin for problems that we find with the interpolation of the "finished" outlines!

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Hebrew Metheg not well aligned alif-type/libertinus

Wikipedia article [Combining Grapheme Joiner]( has the following example for the use of Hebrew Metheg: - he + metheg + pathah הַֽ - he + me...

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Noto sans mono & Noto serif CJK missing Magisk-Modules-Repo/magisk-notosanscjk-nougat

Advantages: It may be more useful for users. Disadvantages: Size too large.

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Documentation of Libertinus's open type features? alif-type/libertinus

Maybe I just didn't search correctly, but I couldn't find a place where Libertinus's open type features, ligatures, stylistic sets, … are documented for the end user. Maybe a documentation (e.g. in...

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Relation to dasrick/npm-font-source-sans-pro? flosse/npm-source-sans-pro

Noticed that there are two packages for source sans pro, this one and What is the relation to each other? Should probably be documented.

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Missing U+041A CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER KA rsms/inter

Hello I think I found a couple of issues in the current release version 1.5 - have not checked previous versions and can not build from source. Can you confirm that issues are not observed on my ...

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Add to package managers rsms/inter

Hey, love the typeface. I've been shopping around for an interface text and to my eye it's has some great options over the existing options. Would you consider adding the font to npm, if just a ...

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Bold Cyrillics Serif Italics missing alif-type/libertinus

Cyrillic Italics for Bold Serif Libertinus are missing. It is also in Biolinum fonts. Is there a way to add it? Thanks for supporting.

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Add an OpenType Math version: Source Serif Pro Math adobe-fonts/source-serif-pro

So that SSP could be used in academic papers.

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Better Cyrillic glyphs rsms/inter

Please, provide us with cyrillic version. :)

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Unicode support overview alif-type/libertinus

It would be nice if there was a readme table to keep track of Unicode coverage (cf. ), e.g. ``` U+0000 to U+007F Basic Latin ...

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Greek lowercase italic is not a real italic alif-type/libertinus

Lowercase Greek italic (regular, semibold, bold) in Libertinus Serif only slanted instead of real italic: compare italic μ with italic u for example and see that italic μ simply automatically slant...

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Localized form for Cyrillic should be expanded alif-type/libertinus

Here is a test for localized form for Cyrillic: ![1]( ![2]( In this case б should be transformed in all faces, other letters should a...

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Type1 support firamath/firamath

Someone hopes to use it with pdfTeX: [Using fira-math with pdflatex]( So maybe we should make a Type1 version. PS: how about TTF version?

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Hebrew holam not well aligned alif-type/libertinus

In the following text, the Hebrew holam does not change its position on Vav even if you inserted ZWNJ: ``` עֲוֹנֹת עֲו‌ֹנֹת ``` ![snapshot](

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