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memisc::mtable udpate Rapporter/pander

490bea0de28e0d8b2d59f31d86371ce3a3322892 dropped support for mtable objects, as a recent `memisc` update heavily modified the internal structure of the `mtable` object and then also renamed to `mem...

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Give ability to create multiple dictionary files samsonos/php_i18n

Main goal is to give ability to create module specific dictionaries and the concatenate them somehow. Question is how to be with duplicate keys(I think use last one is the simpliest), more complica...

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Make Extension Responsive (RWD theme) EcomDev/checkitout

I need a frontend developer to create a new layout as described in the following blog post: (Layout Han...

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pander.ftable issues/not as pretty as pander.tabular? Rapporter/pander

I'd like to use `pander.ftable` as recommended e.g. [here]( to get nice tab...

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Migrate legacy web service API code base to framework based stack RestyaPlatform/board

## Expected Behavior Migrate current web service API to framework based.. so that it will be easy for others to contribute ## Current Behavior Current web service code is directly tied to ...

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Change password doesn't work in 0.6.7 RestyaPlatform/board

Docker 18.09.0-0505 Restya 0.6.7 + PG 11.3.-1 Browser for Front End: Chrome Version 77.0.3865.75 Change password feature doesn't work in 0.6.7. Event description: 1. change password function...

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Feedback on page: /system/data-attributes-product.html magento/merchdocs

The documentation for **related_skus**, **crosssell_skus**, **upsell_skus** does not mention how to set the position (sort order) for each of the comma seperated SKUs via a CSV import. Expected ...

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add support for bookdown table references Rapporter/pander

As per the `bookdown` docs at > If you decide to use other R packages to generate tables [in `bookdown`], you have to make sure the label for the...

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Different results in autocomplete vs search results page Smile-SA/elasticsuite

<!--- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above --> Unfortunately I couldn't come up with any search terms to reproduce this on the demo elasticsuite site. But I did some debugging...

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Problems with Index - Products disappear after a day or so Smile-SA/elasticsuite

<!--- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above --> Hello Smilelabs, we are having severe problems with the ES-Indexes right now. The Category and Search gives 0 result after a ...

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Replace jquery/ui with the new modular approach Smile-SA/elasticsuite

**Describe the solution you'd like** Replace each instance of jquery/ui dependency with the relevant modular approach. The reason this is desirable is that it improves performance, especially o...

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RFC: Provide custom sources Smile-SA/elasticsuite

For example we have blog and we want also add search inside blog. This is relevant for autocomplete and search results page. See example of architecture

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APK generation fails. Bug? Xtraball/SiberianCMS

BUG in 4.11.6 ? APK generation fails, after update. I get the following error: keystore file does not exist in /var/tmp/applications/ionic/android/ There is no .pks file stored in this place ...

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Templates ladybirdweb/faveo-helpdesk

Hello can i get some documentation on all the allowed Codelines in the templates like (:$Picture_) as there isnt any and i would like to be able to use the templates to form a All account ty...

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error data Xtraball/SiberianCMS

i can not connect databe and error: Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint '

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need 100% unit test coverage chris-brown-nz/pilogbook

Need to have 100% coverage of automated unit test suites. This would be a good job to look at for anyone wanting to get involved in the project, please contact me for details.

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Deploying a new theme fails davidalger/capistrano-magento2

When deploying a new theme, it fails because `setup:static-content:deploy` runs before `setup:upgrade` and there is no such theme found in `theme` table in database. Error thrown is: ``` Unab...

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Session crashes -> no login possible anymore RestyaPlatform/board

Hi together, i am trying to use restya since a few days but i have a problem with the sessions. After some time (30min eventually) i lose my session and get the a screen "board not found, it co...

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