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Add more data to the email provider comparison table privacytools/

We should add more data to email provider comparison table. TODO: 1. **2FA**

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Modéliser les alinéas Legilibre/Archeo-Lex

Pour ce faire, il faut surtout des compétences en légistique, il s’agirait de pouvoir segmenter automatiquement les alinéas, c’est-à-dire décrire les règles qui font qu’on change d’alinéas. Pour...

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Calculer plusieurs exports en parallèle Legilibre/Archeo-Lex

L’export est l’étape qui prend le plus de temps (jusqu’à 85h pour le code du travail qui totalise 1600 versions). Dans une optique de production journalière, il pourrait être calculé plusieurs code...

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Ship with second application that accesses the main application EinBaum/Totally-Not-A-Virus

So that you can't close the main program

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New name for gem JelF/xquery

IDK, lol. Xquery probably conflicts with something, either in google

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Writing tests: ain't anybody got time for that ? thomas-maurice/puppet-as-a-service-wrapper

This module should have tests. Anyone up for it ? :p

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Next Implementations ephe-meral/ex_sider

##### Implementations to be added, in order of (subjective) importance, sorted by Elixir Module. Map: - [x] put/3 - [x] get/2 - [x] delete/2 - use drop/2 - [x] take/2 w/ pipelining MapSet: - [x] ...

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Load plugin when click to new page patrickm02L/emojicode

When one navigates to a new page, one must refresh the page for the plug-in to work.

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write load tests and publish performance metrics pasupulaphani/node-redis-store

What am I looking to achieve Connection Pool Utilization - Are the pools properly sized based on the expected load per runtime? - Are pools constantly exhausted? Do we have a connection leak? ...

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gui scrolling is terrible iamevn/wordy

Scrolling in the gui is absolutely terrible. On any file of a decent length it slows to a crawl.

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Implement health meters olonaut/ATOR

Implement a health meter using the heart sprites in the top right corner of the viewport.

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Exception Message is unclear php-mock/php-mock-phpunit

First of all I just want to say I really like the library, thank you so much for creating it :) I do think this Exception Message should be improved. When I create a mocked function like so: ``...

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Edit the top panel privacytools/

The top panel should be edited, it's hard to navigate in. - I'll create a PR once we decide the design. - The most current design will be in this post (better than being lost somewhere in the c...

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Multicast UDP performance/stability devkanro/Meta.Vlc

Having a problem with multicast UDP video rendering performance/stability. Is there a known issue with this? Both native VLC player and vlc.dotnet don't have an issue with my stream. I have tr...

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Support for getters/setters rodionovd/SWRoute

AFAIK, setters and getters are shared between all instances of a class in Swift. They seem to have the following structure: ``` c const int foo_offset = 0x48; int getFoo(void *self) { retu...

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Stocker dans la base de données certaines métadonnées Legilibre/Archeo-Lex

Il y a dans la base LEGI-XML certaines métadonnées intéressantes comme les liens, mais peut-être également d’autres. Ces métadonnées ne serviraient probablement pas dans une version “texte brut” ma...

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JSON Decode error if no data yet in harvest wilau2/harvest-balance-calculator

# Prerequisites Have a brand new account without any data logged # Steps to reproduce create config.json.secret file Compile and run docker file # Expected Behavior Returns the actual num...

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ronny needs learning features krancorp/ronny-bot

Ronny is all over Media, and we want to bring his characteristic elaborated Phrases dynamically to our bot. For that we want to apply analytics to ronny related content to make Ronny enable to cove...

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Implement foe spawning olonaut/ATOR

Foes should spawn just outside the top border of the viewport (game window), in a random pattern. Speed of the spawning should be dictated by a variable (float).

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Citations nerdfiles/periodic-table-of-information

1. Figure 7 from "[Narratological Knowledge for Natural Language Generation](" by Birte L...

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Add meta kewords comfusion/after-dark

Suggestion and example implementation from @Sly777 in This feature will be useful for page scrapers and less sophisticated search engines looking to...

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Find/create a nice graphic inputsh/awesome-linux

This awesome list could use a nice simple minimalistic graphic on top of it. I have created one in a couple of minutes ([this one](, but I'm far away from being sat...

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Allow restricting the scope of the ignoring to just the CTRL-P menu ExplodingCabbage/sublime-gitignorer

At the moment, we exclude Git-ignored files from _the entire project_; you see them disappear from the folder view in the left sidebar. This may not always be desirable. Some folks might want to o...

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